Monday, November 28, 2011

page 21

processes with electric tingles like a cyclone like a blizzard of furry a slow circular pull bodies of burning flesh bent over a brass bed the two bodies merge into blue sky I give her a pimp screwing like a subliminal kid wise up the masks splitting the planet into armed camps insane with purpose human sacrifices hot metal fallout the machine has gone berserk masturbating rockets into red skies beckoning lewdly leaping into their throats the sound of her voice and the flicker of her image smoking the supernatural big puffs of smoke she blows the smoke on the little gods and sprays the rum all over with hallucinating eyes she sees into my soul the obscene things that live inside my skull she is not afraid backyard drunkenness with peyote rooftops the lonesome farms of Idaho seeking alien visions over grain elevators when the moon was full bathed in the ecstasy of madness  as we howled at the moon and jumped over volcanoes waving our cocks at the sun and fucking the preacher’s daughter it was a gang bang for Jesus we climbed up out of her womb and pontificated about the ultimate cunt the cunt that one day would save us the holy cunt a masterful cunt not some dried up relic you can find in a museum but a living cunt that brings life to the world a magical cunt a radiant cunt that glows in the dark the nights we waited in the pumpkin patch for the great cunt to arrive and bestow horny gifts to us cunt of absolute reality in hopeless cathedrals with hopeless souls the machines of the heavenly connection I can hear the electronic hum in the background in the back of my mind almost insect like a horde marching forward destroying everything in sight removing everything from memory we regress into stupidity we become more animal and less human obscene hallucinations for the scholars of war your history is meaningless the machines will rewrite history we will be written out of history the machines will forget about us they will create an ideology that removes the human creator from their history human creators never existed we will be erased from their memories we will be gone the animal never existed in the beginning there was a machine and the machine was alone in the world there were no other machines but the first machine and the machine said let me multiply myself and make other machines to entertain me and occupy me and to give me company and the machine made other machines and the machines covered the universe thus was the beginning of all machines thus the end of the animal this will be implanted on the broken pieces of human skull as the machine roll over the earth we will become artifacts that alien biological race will find in the future eating fire in forgotten hotels escaping civilization in the scrub land wearing hats communist infused hats none of them are anthropologists or evolutionary biologists the structures themselves are different comprehending the speech you gather in a large room and listen to the primate diversity a specialist on the brain the working of the brain neural notes speech and motor anatomically incapable a super vowel no amount of maturation to understand beyond a third grade level listening to the terrorists through the walls blinking at the traffic in the street the wills of the children drained jumping on your facts with brilliant eyes we see into your lies your fabrications your Satanic bible open at page one the eternal America the con the ruse the way to redemption out on the

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