Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the creation of love

street corner darkness
drunk and insulting
lonesome cunt
drinking milk
suave and retired
white-haired gutter eloquence
old belly tombstone
touch makes touch
remembered heart
below the sink
voice singing
beloved self
darling bride
feeling one
seeking the delicious
tender eyes
power drill bliss
meat magic
truck whine
dull letters
flowing roofs
blue sky ride

Friday, January 25, 2013

how many hells?

my own intestines
pondering firing squad
reel broken stealing

never wanted human being
a mouthful of snake
head shaved peasant

palms out, two arms
rip off the head
dangle over the edge

breathe in and out
mutant head
weep confused, stamped

out of space and time
downtown midnight haunted
a foggy loneliness becomes visible

rebuking eyes
pink meat
ten fingers, two eyes

cold brain

laughter alright
with my skin and my blood

how wounded, these beautiful haters
the dry lipped fool
crying shopkeeper

eye beaten
fierce desire
closed mind

human shapes
taxicab movies
holy land Marxists

suffering and hopeless
that worm
trembling under the bamboo

false dreams
I inhabit this universe
cringe with meaty fear

morality pistols
the ghost
with assembled armies

seven hundred hells