Friday, April 4, 2014


Sometimes we lose control, we loosen our grip on the unbuttoned eyes.  Worm bites a little bit from Weapon’s ear. She quivers and her belly glistens. Someone is tickling Weapon. I can hear her laughing in the other room. Worm lights the hash and hands it to Hugo. Weapon’s bed is full of arms and tongues that lap at the breasts of sparkling appetites. Weapon rings God’s doorbell d people, and lets the spectral enter. Her bed is full of old people, idiots, and perverts. We wander around with our guts rattling. Weapon rides tomb-like from the covers, she hoards all of the splashing rain.
Hugo says that we need to keep the hope. Weapon kicks him in the gut and screams at him. Hugo stumbles down the stairs and out into the street. A tiger waits for him there. All this has been documented in the newspapers. We have occupied the spare thoughts of the people. We prowl the halls of the hotels looking for sinister splendor. Hugo found a bigfoot in room seven. He was selling objects of value from his room. Weapon flings herself upon the bed and spreads her egs wide open. She says that the clerk is dead and it is not safe. The bigfoot smiled showing his gold teeth and asked if he took take a shot.
When weapon discovered my true intentions, she gave the congregation her precious stones. She walked and talked like a zombie as she strolled the floor looking for her streaming annihilation. She threatened me like I was the last man in the world. She claimed that she was ordained to destroy. Life has tricked her into thinking that she could withstand the shock of daily existence. Once she broke into the war museum and stole a tank. Weapon drove the tank down the street crunching cars as she went.
Hugo says his courage is great, that he is all bone and gristle. He tells Worm to relax, that the algebra will soon be over. Treat the machine with voodoo and lava rocks. Here and there we find the magic and the remnants of brain surgery. They are all paranoid schmucks. Weapon’s lips are half parted, they jump halfway across the room giving everyone kisses. Weapon shines like a room full of diamonds, stolen diamonds, because stolen things are the best. I take out my knife and cut the night for being silent, too moody.
My deal with the devil is that I will never change. The telephone intercepts Worm’s thoughts. Worm scratches and scratches until the blood comes, it flows like a discouraged man. It looked like my life was finished, the blood was crawling from my veins and all hope was fleeting. I never had much hope to count on and what little I had was escaping out the door. I tried my best to survive the transaction.Hugo brought a case of beer and soon we were saturated with disaster. I’m shoving the corkscrew into Weapon. Worm is snapping pictures to show on the internet. I am telling her everything that is in my mind. I enjoyed the splendor of those miserable days. She says that she loves my boots and rewards me with her mad beauty.
Unni is a dancer at the Golden dolphin. She tells Hugo to get his spiritual guidance on his own time. Unni calls Hugo Governor all the time. She says that Hugo acts like he is the governor of the world. She asked Hugo if he would wait until she was fifteen. She talked with Hugo until five in the morning which at time she showed him her obliques. Unni hadn’t been working for week since she broke her foot. She said it was too hard to move around the dance floor. She gets high and talks like an Egyptian.
There is a litle man in the freezer. He is keeping time with the ice cubes. He says it is a cold mother fucker. He jumps out of the freezer and spells fast Eddy in my hand. If only i knew what it means. Unni’s tits are delicious, they taste like cotton candy. She tells me to open my pants and let the sunshine in. She is keeping my attention, emotion in motion, using my cherry picker, and feeling like Arizona. I have obnoxious eyes and a rented coat. I float on the beautiful and quirky. Unni wants to interpret the tattoos on my arm. She likes the one of the Mona Lisa. Unni says that the Mona Lisa looks like a love that can make the garden grow.
Worm is snorting fish flakes. He is trying to keep the dragon away. I just mailed in my sweepstakes. I know that i am going to win the million dollars. Unni has on her miniskirt and is strutting around the apartment. She looks like a caged animal in heat. Worm says that if she is a good kitty, he will throw her some meat. She believes that all priests are Hitlers. It is taking some time to wrap my head around her. She breathes in like a taco. I offer her my hot sauce since I’m a real gentleman and not some fake Sears gentleman. I write her out in longhand on the days I can’t repent.