Friday, September 25, 2015

The Hallway Part1

The Hallway of Oblivion

I recognize that my metaphysical world was outside my past world of experience. This alternative world was not above my past world, but beneath it. The alternative world that I was in was a corruption of the human experience. I did not find joy there, I only found fear and desperation. My fulfillment as a human being was suppressed in this alternative world. This alternative world was an evil world, a shadow world of the life I once enjoyed. This was a world without change, my life of becoming had ended and now I was in the nothingness of an alternative world. I was trapped in a permanent world without change. This was a world that has no way out.

Human life does not have a greater significance. This has all been a catastrophic miscalculation of reality. Our histories are written as a slow and certain decline. This life is a burden. There really is no good reason why human life should continue to exist. Are we alive merely for convenience? When a life is weighed upon the scales of reality, every life is discovered to be lacking merit and value. Everything in this existence is trash, rotting garbage that has no value. The good in life does not justify the evil in this life.

Sometimes we strain to see the other side and then there are those moments when we can see clearly and everything falls into place. Of course we may not like the place where it takes us. Most of us do not have a choice in the manner nor the strength to resist it. Sometimes you can feel it inside of you growing beyond your control.

This dark place must be destroyed. I deny the existence of the absolute. I have learned to deny the possibility of certainty. I reject the possibility of absolute moral or ethical values. There is no truth. The concept of truth is a social construction. Truth is defined by the powerful. Thus, the destruction of all truth is the foundation for the improvement of life. Death has its own hidden forces which can only be experienced through death.