Thursday, April 30, 2015


a stretcher,  no longer parasite to hymnal
stalking blonde, wounded turn, a clear pure evil
alien eyes, chained down there
counter dreamed, cohabitation
obsessed photos, passed through cannibal blue
detrimental body, this world
harvested smear, a whirl
sit with signs and razor blades
hands of death that touch me everywhere
they always say no to your dreams
these nude arms are so long and they bend
past two-story cats with whiskey smiles
and elevator knees that swoon, sucks you down
your tongue purring, as a fishmonger
dark crying, in my hands, more real
holding to the lambs as they scream
tolerate longer sadness, making bones
stretch lone fingers, like coins, take this misery
tornado dramas, static dead skin, emboldened wolf

totaled as stench, a named junkie
throw off the chance, the wait for death
you say to any and all to always
to gather only you and dream electric
lies lost with the doom, human eye
mischievous archway, burn fecund
agnostic freckles, resistance, a pour
moving towards breathing, misdirection
exotic dirty, and any way you can take it
your shapes, have all been sold
echoes of decay, say it all so well
solitude between my fingers, and a dancer
most days lost, most days not feeling