Wednesday, January 28, 2015



We live in a world infused with purpose and meaning. All things share a relationship deeper and wider than in our modern view. Magic involves the belief in the essence of all things.

Magic is an attempt to understand experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language. Magic rituals are precisely defined actions and words used to cause some effect in the material world. Magic often employs symbols that are thought to have abilities to promote the desired effect in the ritual being performed

Magic involves practices that influence the mind, body, or property of others against their will. Words, gestures, and magical tools are used to carry out a magical action. Magic is a manipulative force exercised through the practice of the will of the seeker. In magical practice, words and actions are used by the seeker to bring about real changes in the physical world.

Magic makes the world bend to your will. Magic is a journey from powerlessness to power. It involves the transformation of the material word, turning the world upside-down. Power is the ability to exact change, even against the resistance of others. There exists in nature a force which is immeasurably powerful. By knowing how to adapt and direct this power, one can alter the direction of the stars and the universe. We are not blindly driven by the forces of the stars – we have the ability to act upon this influence and later our world according to our will.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Elemental Spirits

Salamander – spirit of fire
Undine – spirit of water
Sylph – spirit of air
Gnome – spirit of earth

The salamander
The salamander is a desolate worm with a human head that is wearing a crown and the hat of a pope. It has star-like markings along its body. The salamander is referred to as a worm that penetrates the flames. It is a creature that is a product of the fire. It’s food is the eternal fire.

Undines are typically female, and usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. Water is considered a female element. They have beautiful singing voices and sometimes you can hear their singing above the sound of the water.

The sylph is a spirit of the air. They are elemntals of the element air and are invisible to the human eye.

Gnomes are earth elementals. Gnome is a diminutive spirit of the earth. Gnomes are typically small humanoid creatures who live underground. They are described as being short in statute and very reluctant to interact with humans.

Elemental Relations

The four elements are derived from the prima materia, the first matter of all things. It is the primitive formless base of al matter, similar to chaos. Prima materia is the nothingness from which all things were created. The prima materia abides in nature. It is pure matter. Prima materia comes from the abyss of nothing, the sea of nothing from which the material world was given birth. We are made from this material, although transformed from its pure form. We are tiny drops of the great sea of nothing.

The prima materia is the soul of the world. It is the material that connects all living things on this plane of existence and all others. Prima materia is a living thing, endowed with a soul and an intelligence. It is a single living entity that contains all living things. It is a vital and holy life-force that pervades the universe.

Thus, the elements pervade everything and the four elements compose the whole universe. They are the fundamental building blocks of nature and the universe. The four classical elements are sufficient to explain everything present in the world

the divine family

The divine family consists of the father, mother, son, and daughter. The divine family is a symbolic representation of the universe. Air and earth are born from fire and water. The water purifies and the fire brings perfection. The water purified by fire is called love. Everything appears perfect through the lens of love. This is a divine love.


Ultimate reality is best expressed by numbers.
The numbers are living things, having power in themselves.
What are the relations between the numbers?
The numbers represent the father, mother, son, and daughter.