Thursday, June 23, 2011

A spring loaded Toy

I am Jesus and I am the antichrist
Stretching your religion across the floor
Not being careful about how I strip you
As I pull from my past experiences
Out pops your love, like some spring loaded toy

Counting on your love

I can count the times we fell in love on my fingers and toes
Spending too much time reading the paper
I saw my first mummy at your dinner table
Looking like what I felt like inside
It was an immediate identification

You transform human emotion
No big talent for you or I
Depriving me of my chance to entertain
In this shitty place
Selling my pencils on the street

I am fascinated by your physical presence
I worship you like a movie star
Running away from the evils of normalcy
Cooking up your special brew

All things under heaven
You never mail the form in
Yet you constantly clip the coupons from the paper
Place them in cardboard boxes
And label them greed

You remind me a ten year old with field glasses
Watching the murder and destruction from a distance
People are plotting against you
Making you even more exaggerated
A world without anxieties

You loved me in the trenches
As we stormed the beaches
Breathe in the poison gas
Out like a shell you fly through the air

The worst hells we have survived from
Your warrior fixation
I am your professional prize fighter
Full of rage and anger
I hope that you are not afraid of me

Riding the cyclone
Making friends in the graveyard
The dead will never abandon me
Unlike the whore in the red dress
Cruelty and kindness have their proper places
I can’t separate myself from your hell
There are values both above and below the belly
I calculate them all

I am a cloudy Day

We share a similar misanthropic outlook
A skinned sheep’s head platter between us
If not for the dull knives, our forks would be victorious

All spines shiver as they fall like the dead
All the dead are lost to your wisdom
This life is so full of disappointment

All my dreams have been shattered
Lost, and loss, and losing
All of the unanswered questions

Hope is a downward spiral
We are melted by the sun
I’m not sunshine
I’m a cloudy day

looking for your soul

The haunting look in your eyes
As you watch an old man catch a fish
Digging your deep hole
I thought you were looking for buried treasure
Instead you were looking for your soul

I have spent a lifetime throwing your dirt into the shadows
Our bodies are metaphors for our lives
Things that people are expressing
What we express and what we don’t express
I can’t see how your teachings last

Spending your nights on 8th street
Listening to the underground voices
Marching to a giant inside out
Your body made of space
Placing your lines in their proper order
Piling insult and injury upon the earth

You are troubled by the lack of linear narrative
Wanting new things to be just like the old
Developing your metaphorical references
Accusing me of being an extreme individualist

Jane is Gone

Jane is Gone

Wandering through the streets
Shouting, “leave us alone!”
There is a distortion in your mind
The fragments of meaning don’t become a cohesive whole
There is no totality in your life

You are always talking about the end of humanity
That we will soon live life in chains
You are forming your complicated layers
As you look back at the past
Have mercy on our souls

Walking through the abandoned lot
Picking up pieces of broken glass
Singing Helter Skelter in the bathtub
Throwing you books to read
On top of the roof
Whistling a three hour tour

The pounding get louder and louder
Inside my brain
You have grown used to the chains
Considering them an extension of your personality
It seems necessary to you
Getting together with those you hate
You never fuck the ones you love
That’s why I know you don’t love me

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transgression Movies

Transgression Movies

You wake up and find that you already have a communism

Picking the ripened fruit from the tree

You Keep telling yourself that you are not to blame

The bandages wrapped around your head

Trying to hide from yourself

Trying to hide from me

I always know where to find you

You scream when you see the face of the monster

Rocking the baby to sleep

That smile of inner peace

It has left you long ago

The fire burns so bright

Feeding everyone who comes to the table

Your family picture on the wall

I watched all of your transgression movies

Helped you sacrifice the virgin

While you call strangers on the phone

You are a copy machine operator

Shading your eyes from the sun

As you stand on a busy street corner

I think it might have been New York

The commerce is like weasels

Something inside of you snapped

You silly fool

Wanting to be on the right track

I told you to stay in my room

Amidst the screams of unknown tenants

And my paintings that only stare back at you

You are afraid that you really aren’t here

Confessing this to me at the dinner table

Up you go like a wild animal

Thrashing on and on

Swimming in an ocean of despair

If only you could have made better choices

Warmed yourself in the summer sun

You sleep as I play for you, your favorite song

Dragging me up to the roof to fall like an angel

With a rose stuck in my mouth

All your transgressions bind us together

On the way to your front door

On the way to your front door

This aint no traditional love story

I’m talking to this rubber girl

Trying to erase her disco outlook

Putting a disease in my mashed potatoes

Celebrating the American way of life

I don’t want your love

I didn’t ask for this dedication

Can’t stop you from killing me

As you terrify the idiots

They drool over your double suspension

Pulling down the blinds with one swift movement

Your mind going in a loop, round and round

When you hide, I can’t find you

You burn like jet fuel

I am your George Jetson

Spinning around your cogs

Or is it sprockets?

I always get the two mixed up

Like when I go to your house and meet your father,

I can’t remember if he is Mr. Spacely or Mr Cogswell

I guess it doesn’t really matter

I am the Spider

I am the Spider

Selling me your dreams out of a mason jar
100 years living this ragged life
Marching you down the hill
With jack and jill

I was the sky and you was the sun
That was not me building the monument of violence
Things are getting out of hand up on the hill
Throwing punches and spinning kicks
My hand grasping your gun

You keep telling me to stand still
But, I got wheels on my shoes
And a burning soul that won’t quit
Tell them to gather up their hopes
And thrown them in the pit
They mix so well with the charcoal

Ten days of sunshine and 12 minutes of quicksand
Those hobos are learning how to give
And they don’t care no more
About the beans and potatoes
Being passed between the hallelujahs

The judge, he can’t sleep
Because the robbers stole his bed
I saw the two of you
Dancing in the streets with thunder and lightning
It was a hard love
But, somebody’s got to give their all

I thought it would be you
But, then again, you fooled me
Just like the time you made the elephants disappear
Once again you are parting the waters
Multiplying the loaves and fishes
Bending my spoons
Tomorrow I will call the papers

Before you say Goodnight

Before you say Goodnight

Drunk with your toys
I am looking up at the sky
With my blue beard
Dripping down
Never holding you down
But, lifting you up
With both hands
Like an offering to some absurd god
Who wants to have the first taste
Another taste
Another freedom that was bought with lies
Outside, downstairs, in the kitchen – whatever,
Let’s go to the bedroom
Counting all the company
Climbing into my big bed
I see, I see
It was in another land
Far, far, away

Bonnie and Clyde

You get behind the wheel
And roll all over me
Forwards and backwards and forwards again
You are grinding your gears
Spinning your wheels on top of me
My secret hero
A leap into the abyss
Driving me to the museum
To see your paintings hanging on the wall
Showing the evidence
The tire marks across my heart
They stand and stare in disbelief
Spontaneous is how you describe me
My enthusiasm for life
Two full loaded barrels
Drugs, sex, and crime
Three shells in my shirt pocket
As we sneak in through the window
This is life, you tell me
Taking a chance with broken glass
All for one and one for all
You are the unknowable
And I reflect in your unseen light
Together we are Bonnie and Clyde

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I was sent to kill the Genius

I was sent to kill the Genius

My appendages are humming,
Something from the Rolling Stones, most likely,
Since the operation it is hard to remember
But, the damn things do what they want
any requests?

The dead will need their legs,
The old wino told me
You know, the guy who predicted the end of the world
And Bought billions of dollars of billboard signs
Hey buddy, throw some of that money my way

As I climb up the ladder to attach your spine
It only takes a little barbed-wire and twine
Still humming tumbling dice
Now I remember
Some things still come to me
Take a chance with me

Building each and every one of your demons,
It’s complicated but I do have directions
I think they are in four different languages
It requires a lot of screwing and pounding

You are more than your tortoise shell collection
An angel who has fallen from heaven
I’m just giving you a voice
the rock and the hammer
Is that really a voice?

You fall apart in all the right places
Trading your golden halo for another crack-dream-nightmare
How dare you suffer differently than me
It doesn’t matter no more
I guess it never did

These are the days that we long to forget,
Like Broken glass rubbed across your back,
There you are in a little pile
An enemy to be feared
Attack the man says, attack
What did you expect?
Are you curious about when freedom died?

You want to know if I’m an assassin,
I’m just an errand boy
Sent by grocery clerks
Their souls are mad
You knew I wasn’t going anywhere
The strength to do your perfect will
It was then that I knew that you were more than I

We are asleep and dreaming
Victims to a war against our freedoms
So the rich can get richer
And the poor can get poorer
It is obscene
It is judgment that defeats us
Repeat and rinse