Thursday, December 5, 2013

People want to flee from their lives of rubble and dust. It seems grotesque to talk about such things because most people live lonely and pathetic lives that are filled with meaningless rituals that drain their lives of joy and hope. It was like actual people falling to their deaths after a stock market crash or some horrible event that left them without any rules to guide their lives. It gets dangerous when people don’t have boundaries. It gets dangerous when people don’t know what to believe in anymore.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blood poured from several openings. There is always too much blood and gore. The physical becomes more and more synthetic over time. The sights and sounds of all the accessories put the poor little fool into fits. There also is the madness of the vagaries of life that eat away at him little by little. Kicker can’t remember the code to unlock the door. Everything hasbeen locked up too tight for way too long. With every step he moved further down the black corridor of despair. He was in darkness within darkness within darkness. Each and every single little bit of darkness that permeated his inner being was swallowed up by an even larger darkness. He reached a point where he realized that he was becoming the darkness. At times, he wondered if he was always the darkness, that there never was any hope for his soul from the beginning.

The myrrh is collected from a sarcophagus which is located in the basilica vault and could be obtained in the shop nearby. The liquid gradually seeps out of the tomb, but it is unclear whether it originates from the body within the tomb, or from the marble itself; since the town of Bari is a harbor, and the tomb is below sea level, there are several natural explanations for the manna fluid, including the transfer of seawater to the tomb by capillary action.

if one

If ... one who is of age has renounced his impending torment... then let him be washed and anointed with Chrism according to the accepted Rite. And when the Liturgy is celebrated, let him be counted worthy of the Holy Things, occupying himself in Church and the Liturgy, as them that are baptized ...[11]

Friday, June 7, 2013

  • Nat: Hey, Rappaport! I haven't seen you in ages. How have you been?
  • Midge: I'm not Rappaport.
  • Nat: Rappaport, what happened to you? You used to be a short fat guy, and now you're a tall skinny guy.
  • Midge: I'm not Rappaport.
  • Nat: Rappaport, you used to be a young guy with a beard, and now you're an old guy with a mustache.
  • Midge: I'm not Rappaport.
  • Nat: Rappaport, how has this happened? You used to be a cowardly little white guy, and now you're a big imposing black guy.
  • Midge: I'm not Rappaport.
  • Nat: And you changed your name, too!
oh baby, just you shut your mouth
these words written on the walls


gritty realist surviving
the life that man created
god gave up half way through


you said the losses stimulated growth
and the devil is in the details
sunday is for blood


you were too young to understand
it is not understanding that we need


that is what the experts say
they say things all day
no one is listening
no one cares


daily failures will weigh down our futures
we drink to the futures
and the fires of yesterdays


rigormortis and detachment
watch the flames

Thursday, May 30, 2013

she sharpens her edge
with perception
both rueful
at the base of her throat
an epiphany
blaming the comfortable
nails digging into palm
threading the old and new
the muscles flare
signaling the unknowable
surrogate duplicity
betrayal waters
washing away
caged seduction
pulsating stigmata
she rolled her eyes again
Feeling like an actor
swimming in a sea of sharks
a little intimate gathering
between friends and enemies
stumbling upon an alien landscape
where you do not belong
fighting for coupons
hopes and dreams

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

this little thing that is known as perception

far away from her body
holding the box
infecting ignorance
blocking out the hard
the slips avoidance
days upon the minutes
the girl slowly
inventing her sunshine
pasting it on the box
quick not to dally
the old fiddler
under the shoulder
sanity clings to the air conditioner
a glossy girl
with adventures
a postcard from the homeland
she trips on her way to the well
should opens her door
peeks outside
a frothy bug says hello
queen-sized bed with carpet daughter
naked before the world
too constricting
out and out
in her towel
virgin mary icon
milky like her own
it was about the ownership
the contention
bundles of distress
she kept them on the back porch
all at once
we recognize the gloom

whatever you want

enters and exits her mind
affirming the same time
coaxial relationships
bloody lips
and tattooed torsos
her eyes shift gears
they reeve
wobbling late
taking them back
cocks her head
spicy pork loins
can slide the plate
sink the ship
shot down the aliens
circle in the sand
minature packages
the drive to Chicago
make you then
seemingly fluid
much like the woman herself
squinting descibles
not real she says
not real
you can make it
whatever you want

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

adjusted gross income

breathing in my dark room
my cock in my hand
tender necks
I call and ask
wanna make love?
rode me like the preakness
I asked how you placed
you said what?
off you go with your knee socks
your book of torential poems
you teach me new words that I forgot
I stoke a bowl and reflect
on this dynasty

i have to work in the morning
but I still walk over to the cafe
for a shot of tequila
and some conversation
with a coupe of drunks
the old lady at the bar can smell
the sex
that clings to my thighs
she said that I smelled like a young fuck

10 in the morning and I'm late for work
I tell her she has to leave
I know she will rob me blind
it has happened too many times before
I call work trying to think of an excuse

between to polar opposites and thinking about vortex mathematics

She said she knew it was hard
feeling it from across the room
video tape with a meat cleaver
under leaden clouds
phallic kingdoms
like a barge
pushing up the Mississippi
water rising
school girls by the hundreds
little school colors
they jump and twirl
for the mastication

his lordship approves
polishing his guns
on young buttocks
plastic couch
another sod
paint peeling
licking the jucies

there was a revolution
in the air
until auntie sprayed it away with lysol
the paper with its stories
designed to sell you the
Amsterdam dream
grow your hair long
for mister Mickish

a one two three
waltz with me
on the alter of the pentecostal church
they casting out demons
and I'm catching the slain
she was much heavier than I thought

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

something my father said while we were watching wrestling

little sculpture pony
Kafhka's mother
advise about the dedication
beware of the archtecture
the structures that define you
hold you in
break free from self
modes of presentation
it sits on the self
so pretty
little things
that break you
make you small
even after your glorious transformation
21 screwdrivers, porkchops, mashed potatoes,
and suarekraut
he waited at the red light
we were the same
ingesting the objective facts
wishing it could be more subjective

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Freebase Badminton Society = Article 2

For the empire of the Ages, we seek the light that lives in the darkness. True understanding only comes from the light that is hidden in the darkness. We will fight you in the streets, we will fight you on the rooftops, and we will fight you in the depths of Hell. There is nowhere that you can hide and we will not find you. We are the inheritors of the all-seeing eye. You cannot escape us.  Never surrender! Expect no mercy!

They stepped up to the door and knocked one by one. Each member of the Freebase Badminton Society reciting a prayer, a mantra, a magical incantation that would allow them entry into the chamber. Why they wanted to enter, I didn’t know. But, they did, and they preceded one after another saying:
Gentleman Usher, to whom were given the keys to the abysmal plane, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, so ardent for the glory of the great master, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, whose heart was pierced by one look from King Therion, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, who ceased not to grieve for having denied the Great Master, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, whose cheeks were furrowed by a stream of tears, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, who cried out, Great Master, thou knowest that I love thee, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, bound in chains for the Great Master, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, delivered from prison by Prince Nergal, pray for us.
Gentleman Usher, who rejoiced to suffer for the Freebase Badminton Society, pray for us.

These were the lowliest members of the Freemason Badminton Society. Their prayer to the Gentleman Usher had to be perfect. If they stumbled in any way, they were told to piss off and they were not allowed inside the chamber. They were sent home to practice.
“I am pure of heart and desire to wear the noble amour of obedience.  I will defend all that is holy from the corruption of evil. We thank you Chronozon, we thank you in silence. I touch my heart and praise the Great Master, Therion the King, the slayer of the Society’s enemies. His racket is mighty and the birdie shivers in fear."

The member of the Freebase Badminton Society practices the arts of death because he wants to be a good assassin in service to the chamber of the abysmal plane. He is a foot soldier for the abysmal plane. He is obedient unto death if necessary. He loves the Great Master and shows his love by killing the worshipers of the great lie. The worshipers of the great lie are the enemies of the Freebase Badminton Society. The great lie is that god came to earth to die for the sins of the world.