Friday, April 20, 2012

creativity 1.3

The skull laughs at him. The world is filled with laughter and those making videos on the internet, forms a cavity for the brain slipping through cracks and portals, a second moon, another world, another dimension it stands for the question, the one that has ran away from your brain looking for the woman you have lost. She exists in this other world it could be purely illusion. We all escape into another world from time to time. It is ok to let go and relax, let your mind go. There is always the possibility that you could become lost forever. We are all a little lost. Once you have crossed over the surface of an unknown asteroid it might be possible to reach the unknown. You are speaking of being tossed; you are a tossed salad, a flag or a beach blanket, a bouncing ball. Which one is you? Are you behind door number two? Are you in a play ground with virtual guarantees? Have you been given time to grow? Hear the ghosts of cats and crows-the most experimental controversial contemplative reflective refractive light source, pontificator of the highest honor and of a sound mental beating. You are bloated and puffed up beyond recognition, you inhabit the labial zone.  “Seek and ye shall find.”  A brown mouse broken and betrayed, being of two minds left brain and right brain on the world’s stage.  “Hark who goes there!”  It might be a ghost of our king and then we have more blunders, more lies, more cock waggling in the face of democracy. This is an allegorical world constructed from your childhood symbols. Moon pie is surrendering to the phalanges.  That is right honey; I take all the words out and make them more real for you. Any way, you can cough and scratch and run up the stairs spinning around.

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