Thursday, June 21, 2012

human suffering 25.14


The solitude is breaking down; we are all brothers and sisters. We are the mad ones, the criminals and poets. We prefer the anarchy of life over the dull and mundane. We seek that which is sacred and set apart from the normal routine of existence. We have conceived of life with the magic of our words. We have crucified the saviors and stoned the prophets. Why did we do this, because we knew they were false saviors and false prophets? The universe did not reside in their hearts. They came to divide and conquer and we sought out only those who love. We are not building kingdoms, we are not building empires. We have torn down the temples of the bankers and have set fires to all of their money. We do not put our trust in ink printed on paper, but put our trust in life and love. We have turned the tables upside down. Can you see the utter insanity of this life? Everyone lies to you and you base your life on deceptions. All of your values are worthless. There is no value in this material existence. This world and all flesh will pass away. The mind dies with the body. It is like turning off a light. The illumination is gone forever. We are killing off the tyrannical influences, not letting the dead continue to influence us. We absorb them and eventually surpass them. The war has broken up everything. I have become bored by all of your principles. You lack a sense of proportion, of your place in time. Everything with you is disjointed, all elbows and assholes. I have been taken outside of myself. I float up above the room looking down on you. Can you see me? I am there with you always. You cannot get rid of me. I have become a part of you. We share in the fraud of this nonsense. We are partners in crime together. We rob the world of its absurdness and make a laughing stock of the world’s inconsistencies. The deeper we go, the more we don’t know what we are doing. We find ourselves in a mass of contradictions, admiring the quest, the search for answers. We became wise when we realized that the answers do not exist. It is the diseased mind that thinks it has all of the answers. The disease wants to spread, to enter into the minds of everyone. The disease holds up a cross and tells you to submit. The disease is a liar and a scoundrel. The disease brings misery for everyone. Stop believing in a coming golden age. This utopia you are dreaming of will never come. I am a lion and I will eat all of the lambs. Lay down next to me so that I might sink my teeth into your soft white neck. See how the whiteness is erased by the blood. There is power in the blood, wonder working power, in the blood of the lamb. The blood washes away all of the sins of the world. The blood is like breathing, it is the wholeness of our being. There is nothing to fear in the blood. We are protected by the blood. Come spill blood with me.

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