Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Freebase Badminton Society = Article 1

Freebase Badminton Society

For the empire of the Ages, we seek the light that lives in the darkness. True understanding only comes from the light that is hidden in the darkness. We will fight you in the streets, we will fight you on the rooftops, and we will fight you in the depths of Hell. There is nowhere that you can and we will not find. We are the inheritors of the all-seeing eye. You cannot escape us.  Never surrender! Expect no mercy!

The Freebase Badminton Society is made up of commoners and nobility. The highest ranking member of nobility is the Great Master of the Abysmal Plane. He is also known as the Beast 666. He is the beast and represents the fullness of wrath and destruction. The Great Master of the Abysmal Plane drinks the blood of the innocents and delights in the corruption of the pure in heart. The Great Master of the Abysmal Plane looks down upon all those below him and says, “look upon me in terror and unholy fright and know that your death and destruction is near. Cast away your beliefs in a savior, because no one is here to save you. I am the fountain of all horrors. Come drink my water and be corrupted, because it is eternal nothingness that withstands the tests of fire and time. 316 devils marched around me in a parade. It took all night to capture them and make them my slaves. “
The Great Master of the Freebase Badminton Society is also known as the Therion, the king of the underworld. He sits upon the throne of the Freebase Badminton Society and rules over the chamber of the abysmal plane.

Therion has the ability to change himself into many different forms. He is a shape shifter. For example, he changed himself into the form of a dragon to destroy Saint Basil. Saint Basil was on the road to Damascus spreading the lies of god to poor and ignorant people of the countryside. He saw a farmer about to sacrifice a new born lamb on a stone alter. The farmer was about to slice the throat of the lamb and let its blood spill upon the stones, when Saint Basil told him to stop. Saint Basil told the farmer that god wanted the farmer to sacrifice his son. So the farmer went and brought his son to Saint Basil and the two of them tore off the child’s clothing and bound him with rope. Now Therion the King was in the same countryside hunting jackals for his evening meal, when he noticed what was going on.  Just as Saint Basil was about to slice the throat of the farmer’s son, Therion the King appeared before them as a mighty fire breathing dragon. The farmer and his son fled in fear as Saint Basil stood his ground to fight the dragon. Now Saint Basil had fought many dragons before and had made a reputation for himself as a mighty slayer of dragons. But this dragon was like no other dragon that the saint had ever faced before. Saint Basil drew his spear and lunged at the great dragon with all of his might. He missed the dragon and the dragon snapped the spear in two with his mighty teeth. Saint Basil knew that he was defeated and dropped to his knees to pray that god would intercede on his behalf. Just as he had finished his pray, Therion snatched the saint into his jaws and swallowed him down.

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