Friday, January 23, 2015

Elemental Relations

The four elements are derived from the prima materia, the first matter of all things. It is the primitive formless base of al matter, similar to chaos. Prima materia is the nothingness from which all things were created. The prima materia abides in nature. It is pure matter. Prima materia comes from the abyss of nothing, the sea of nothing from which the material world was given birth. We are made from this material, although transformed from its pure form. We are tiny drops of the great sea of nothing.

The prima materia is the soul of the world. It is the material that connects all living things on this plane of existence and all others. Prima materia is a living thing, endowed with a soul and an intelligence. It is a single living entity that contains all living things. It is a vital and holy life-force that pervades the universe.

Thus, the elements pervade everything and the four elements compose the whole universe. They are the fundamental building blocks of nature and the universe. The four classical elements are sufficient to explain everything present in the world

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