Friday, January 23, 2015

Elemental Spirits

Salamander – spirit of fire
Undine – spirit of water
Sylph – spirit of air
Gnome – spirit of earth

The salamander
The salamander is a desolate worm with a human head that is wearing a crown and the hat of a pope. It has star-like markings along its body. The salamander is referred to as a worm that penetrates the flames. It is a creature that is a product of the fire. It’s food is the eternal fire.

Undines are typically female, and usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. Water is considered a female element. They have beautiful singing voices and sometimes you can hear their singing above the sound of the water.

The sylph is a spirit of the air. They are elemntals of the element air and are invisible to the human eye.

Gnomes are earth elementals. Gnome is a diminutive spirit of the earth. Gnomes are typically small humanoid creatures who live underground. They are described as being short in statute and very reluctant to interact with humans.

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