Monday, December 5, 2011

page 31

constructed for ourselves what does it say about a society when we lie to children every chance we get did we inherit a tradition of lies from the past what other lies are we telling ourselves is the foundation of our existence based upon lies why are lies so predominate in our culture it seems that the bigger the lie the greater the success and prestige of the individual lies lies and more lies we have them piled up to our ears tickling our ears our life is a big fact fucking lie everything is a lie I am the gate that stands before you I am the lie I am the darkness no one passes go no collects 200 dollars no one wins in this game the cards are stacked against you only suckers play the game I could not separate the boundary from the real and what seemed to be real the game creates illusion it numbs the mind characters in a play you read the lines and play your part but it not you it is you pretending to be someone else some people spend their wholes lives pretending to be someone else are you real can you be real can you stop playing the game look at all that you have lost there is nothing to gain I guess it is something you cannot choose you just fall into it you start playing the game little by little and eventually you can’t get out you are trapped the game is now part of you the eyes tell the story years of being lied to and years of believing in the lies of this world they are the eyes of the hoodwinked of the possessed of the sheep as they head for the slaughter expectations mixed with so many emotions fate leads to so many ad hoc conclusions thinking about things differently we no longer exalt human reason there no longer a utopia we live in a world where the tower has been toppled your claims about the truth is an attempt to control people anyone who claims to know the absolute truth is only trying to control you scary mary wants to control people he wants to build an army of believers an army of true believers creating little clones who think just like him division is evil thinking your own thoughts is evil questioning the authority of scary mary is evil continue telling him how great he is how smart he is we have dethroned the declarative sentences life is uncertain your conviction shows your desire to build a religion you are the high priest of aggressive bullying nonsensical bullshit must not structure must not be the genesis an oversimplification thus creating doubts in my mind you try to contain all of us but this containment shows the evil in your heart we are deconstructing you we reject your meta-narrative a community of sycophants kissing your ass I am just identifying the differences between you and me a greater shadow that cannot be experienced the ability to understand what is different the psychics are wrong married at 19 I must have been twenty younger than 27 never liking the concept of best friend the things that I carry with me in the Midwest not being in your place I doubt that it can be missed she loves the buffalo as they graze in the backyard she wants to live on the back of a buffalo she once fell in love on the back of a buffalo so she wants to spend the rest of her life on the back of the buffalo as they graze in my backyard there is love on the back of buffalo I am alone in my house alone with the books and the words that haunt me missing the foundation your foundation of lies the emotional requirements never coming to the same place I am wearing a new pair of leather gloves the leather gloves are wearing me I am becoming a pair of leather

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