Monday, December 19, 2011

page 41

industry Gie where is your revolution and your trickle down political distribution the antichrist is still in his office he flicks his lamp on and off to send secret messages to his followers bertha my love where are you did you sell your soul to the goat for a piece of gold around your finger would you shake your ass for me again just like in the olden days I bet we could put Captain Marc’s wooden leg all the way up there we would all go find Tim and drink a few beers Tim would tell us of his days when he used to be a professional football player this was before he got into the god business he said being a god pays much better than the nfl he only wishes he could get more pussy I told tim that bertha was always good for a bounce or two Captain Marc untied bertha’s restraints and we watch Tim put his holy spirit into her when he was done he sat and licked his fingers in walks Mr. Perry and he kicks Captain Marc’s dog Mr. Perry and Captain Marc begin to fight and roll all over the floor bertha picks up the wooden leg and beats Mr. Perry over the head some people are broken and they never can be fixed sending a shudder through me harder than ever hanging like dark clouds the sky is full of nooses Tim and AC make a bet concerning bertha’s soul Tim thinks he can save bertha show her the way to redemption AC is always skeptical of tim’s optimism AC knows that things don’t always work out the way we have planned reading a tome of the exploits of frozen blue she says that you don’t have to do it twice once is always enough if it is done right Tim will believe in anything if it is packaged right it has to be sold to him in a certain way you have to appeal to his weaker side play on his human weaknesses the things that make us all stumble for example if you tell him that everyone is buying it then you can sign him up he will take twelve that is how I sold him my forged copy of the Guttenberg bible and he wrote the damn thing yes it is all in the packaging you can sell him a piece of shit if it is pretty enough it floats to the surface and his soul is captured at least for a moment selling him a glimpse at a greater shadow normally Tim was not interested in shadows he normally avoided then it was AC who was interested in shadows in fact AC counted several of them as his closest friends if anyone can be close with AC yet Tim would be interested in a shadow if the sun was aligned just right in the sky and on only certain days when the influence of the sun was at its weakest then tim could be persuaded to imbibe in the diabolical it was then that I could convince him that his fate was about to change he was about to step up to the plate and swing for destiny and everything was about to change for the good or the bad who knows certainly not tim and AC maybe bertha knew and most probably Captain Marc knew he knew lots of things that no one else knew or could even understand we are beginning to forget you the room truck was sleeping I awoke with a big headache bathroom towels she rubbed her eyes paradise rides evening streets we proceed with a terrible face she ran across the street screaming to get in line for the quiz show an old man’s dirt road sweetness arrived at the house around eight in the morning haunted and flabbergasted tim told scary mary to believe to get down from his roof and stop lying to the na├»ve over the internet he asked scary how he wanted to be remembered as he wrote his obituary for the papers scary saw the light and repented for his sins we

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