Tuesday, December 20, 2011

page 42

took a five gallon can of gasoline and burned down his shack they were going to put it in the Smithsonian and we just couldn’t stand for that a mysterious journey I knocked on his door at the 4th street slums Captain Marc spent long hours with AC discussing how to get rid of Mr. Perry AC was convinced that Mr. Perry was up to no good  I wrote a letter to Gie in prison explaining to him all of this the Mayan codices we see the lizard man on the nightly news he is telling us to look for the spacemen jabbing the needle into his arm Gie wrties back a month later and says he has found the spaceman it is the rise of rational thought and the creation of the iron cage Jane is going around counting all the workers in the field we are pulling up parsnips and carrots Jane keeps telling us to circle the wagons most people pay her no attention crazy is as crazy does and Jane has a full dose of crazy Mr. Perry asks Jane to marry him even though he has been married for 25 years he can’t help but fall in love with the crazy Jane helps patch up Mr. Perry’s wounds from his battle with Captain Marc and bertha she sings to him as she winds the cloth around his wounds she tells him that you don’t have to spend too much time in the pews to understand that Mr. Perry can’t fight worth a fuck she tells him that he is going to have to learn how to fight if he wants to be president Jane begins to teach him his first fighting lesson she teaches him how to kick somebody in the nuts how to poke someone’s eye out and how to knee someone in the face she tells him these are the first vital lessons that Abraham Lincoln learned when he first went into politics Mr. Perry looks like a bloody mess Jane has whipped his ass real good this was the beginning of Mr. Perry’s and Jane’s love affair tim asks Mr. Perry if he loves him and Mr. Perry says yes then tim tells Mr. Perry to kill AC Mr. Perry says he will try Mr. Perry wants to stick his dick in tim so he will do anything tim says Mr. Crowley is working on a new bible one that is all about AC and a new millennium he writes stories about the end of time when all the bank will go bankrupt and the people will take to the streets killing all the politicians and all of the priests Mr. Crowley believes in the power of words he thinks that his words will bring about a new world order a world without tim a world where AC rules everything Mr Crowley talks about the itch of the world the scars of chew toys and Hollywood entertainment he says that the world is a tiger escaped from its cage he would run but his legs have been sawed off in the last banking war he is a veteran of many psychic wars and is lucky to be here today to tell us about it he has had his fill of nothing and it is just that he is telling us about how the nothing can capture your soul and send you across the country in search of the perfect hole a hole you can climb inot and forget the world he wants to beg for the blind eye and to crawl in the squalor of the real truth he has used his extra consciousness many times and is not afraid to set the record straight if he has to his benefits are in a small plastic bag made from biodegradable plastic it like him will fade away into the sunset the truck is coming to collect his bones and bury him with rin tin tin they are both Hollywood stars and have a star on the walk of fame he has been dodging the bullets of the government for so long that he knows how to bend over backwards he knows the problem and the problem is capitalism the monster of corporate greed doesn’t care about your biographies the

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