Wednesday, May 22, 2013

adjusted gross income

breathing in my dark room
my cock in my hand
tender necks
I call and ask
wanna make love?
rode me like the preakness
I asked how you placed
you said what?
off you go with your knee socks
your book of torential poems
you teach me new words that I forgot
I stoke a bowl and reflect
on this dynasty

i have to work in the morning
but I still walk over to the cafe
for a shot of tequila
and some conversation
with a coupe of drunks
the old lady at the bar can smell
the sex
that clings to my thighs
she said that I smelled like a young fuck

10 in the morning and I'm late for work
I tell her she has to leave
I know she will rob me blind
it has happened too many times before
I call work trying to think of an excuse

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