Wednesday, May 29, 2013

this little thing that is known as perception

far away from her body
holding the box
infecting ignorance
blocking out the hard
the slips avoidance
days upon the minutes
the girl slowly
inventing her sunshine
pasting it on the box
quick not to dally
the old fiddler
under the shoulder
sanity clings to the air conditioner
a glossy girl
with adventures
a postcard from the homeland
she trips on her way to the well
should opens her door
peeks outside
a frothy bug says hello
queen-sized bed with carpet daughter
naked before the world
too constricting
out and out
in her towel
virgin mary icon
milky like her own
it was about the ownership
the contention
bundles of distress
she kept them on the back porch
all at once
we recognize the gloom

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