Wednesday, May 22, 2013

between to polar opposites and thinking about vortex mathematics

She said she knew it was hard
feeling it from across the room
video tape with a meat cleaver
under leaden clouds
phallic kingdoms
like a barge
pushing up the Mississippi
water rising
school girls by the hundreds
little school colors
they jump and twirl
for the mastication

his lordship approves
polishing his guns
on young buttocks
plastic couch
another sod
paint peeling
licking the jucies

there was a revolution
in the air
until auntie sprayed it away with lysol
the paper with its stories
designed to sell you the
Amsterdam dream
grow your hair long
for mister Mickish

a one two three
waltz with me
on the alter of the pentecostal church
they casting out demons
and I'm catching the slain
she was much heavier than I thought

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