Wednesday, October 19, 2011


seamlessly blended
slowly gliding
fall like flashes
reveals your anger
and joy

your power has limits
no utopian goodness
it’s ironic salvation
dissected in the dish

so smooth and mellow
aged like bourbon
in a burned barrel
life and vitality
a warrant at the door

the hungry partner
rich with secrets
elbowed hard
back to life
irresistible breaking out
the curious gather
around the fire

made out of anguish
sprouting up like seedlings
irritated by the odd
accepted by the fading
the sun goes down
around your ankles

working out the bizarre
encapsulating it all
within the cold stare
the green sponsor
pours the beer
Capitalist Reichstag

on F street
hip hop wars
throwing out rhymes
pronouns bleeding
in the streets
blood on your carpet

the Mercedes rolls
this took a turn
you couldn’t predict
your cards given away
to pay the bills
for Homer’s adventures

I came across a friend
who once was a monster
now he sells betting tips
at the track
and lives with his mother

the lost boys never grow up

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