Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Know the Green

walk softly on the spongy foam
beneath the trembling sharks
they sleep and dream

the elm tree tattoo on her back is a planet
it splits from lighting into a devil
sitting under the glowing embers
of the old man’s pipe
the angel never there

each blade a heaven for the wings
the banker’s arm with fluttered eyes
there is an angry dog
wild circles of each pupil, the message of flame
Roman’s trying to catch

prescription for all this
and none at the same time
a young child’s song
gathering moss
don’t let the day grow old
without the rim of vigor
sin soaked golden rays

for the mercy of it all
she wonders on the why
and wherefore
the man who tells her
sexy as the skin
was a beggar and not a lover

she drinks in the hollow
as Morpheus laughs
about whores, drunks, and winos
shirttails all out with fortune
when Pan played his flute
she stares down the road
the fire of glory in her head

dirt, a field of dreams and scarecrows
a smile that brings you down
in furrows

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