Wednesday, October 19, 2011


you swallow up the oblivion

the glass of shrouded thicket

cuts into the dismal past

like new murdered thoughts

the crows stroke the foam

they watch as it comes

topless twirls all girl

all cry and fingers

wrapped around the taunt

drifting undulation

a communion of thigh and chime

pouring chariot frenzy

you are a deadly marionette

a red smile of addiction

chosen closed window

your tendency of compromised snippets

begins with a long dead god

at his feet are the oppressed

and we choose to stand apart

to break free from your rules

they no longer guide us

we have found them to be filled with error

and misunderstanding

only a fool would enslave himself to such stupidity

your charms have no effect

see the sword in my hand

I will cut you in two

send you running to your mother

she waits for you in the darkness

crawl back into her womb

and make a home of flesh and fear

these two shall rule you

as you dwell in the underbelly

that white pinkish flesh

of morbid self-fascination

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