Tuesday, May 8, 2012

creativity 2.2

the function of the medium is to make something happen making it happen can you make it happen you say you believe but you don’t believe in god or politics or the politicians but you do believe in utopia how is this different than religion you have replaced one religion with another you are still trying to reach a future state that doesn’t exist that never will exist you are still operating inside the box the box is your home and you don’t realize it little boxes that hold your head little boxes that hold your shit little boxes they are stacked one on top of another they go up beyond my ability to see they reach up into the heavens they are your tower of Babel each one a soul commitment each box represents a sin not against a non-existent god but against yourself each box represents a time you deceived yourself into thinking everything is ok are someday will be ok this shit never works out the way we planned I am sorry but it is true I guess that can be your absolute truth everything is fucked up

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