Thursday, May 24, 2012

human suffering 25.2

I crawled on my belly through the cornfields. I wanted to lay still and become like the dust. Prudence was calling my name. The doors to her heart are locked. She looks so small tonight. I can almost not see her.  She is tiny like a bug. I can feel her, she consumes me. This cornfield is full of killers tonight. The dirt soaks up their illness. One by one I put the barrel of the gun into their mouths. I can see the alienation in their eyes. I can see their hurt all across their faces. No one is innocent and no one wants to be brave tonight. I told them that I would make them real. We go to a bar and sit down at a table. The waitress comes over to take our order. She has a way of making us lose our minds. That can be a dangerous thing. She wants to burn us out. The waitress used to preach the gospel until she was possessed by a demon. She makes me want to drink beer. She makes me want to sell bibles door to door. Just so I can lick her pussy. I go to the hardware store and buy her a bag full of nails. We are fucking on top of the table. The killers are watching us fuck. There is drool running down their chins. I reach inside you, deep inside you and pull out your uterus and shake it in your face.

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