Thursday, May 17, 2012

human suffering 2.8


If I could only talk to you for a little while before I read for the ladies. I was their hero. Especially for those who thought they needed saving. I wanted to go straight ahead. I thought we stood on some kind of common ground. I seem to be seeking for the right words. So many times the right words do not come. There can only be a little glimpse into this thing, this wonder, and this world mystery. I wanted to impress you with the seriousness of my concern.  To hell and back with all the noses. I can hear the darkness call. That voice has always been there. Calling out to me in all times and ever conscious of the eye. I had sacrificed the patron saint. Tied her up with the fresh clippings of the bushes in the backyard and set her heart to flame. There is always some life blood dripping away. Off you go with my sorrow.

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