Monday, May 14, 2012

creativity 2.5

my god is a little stone rhino that sits on top of my computer his name is horny the fissionability of Freudian concepts can they spark a fire the clues to your personality have pointed to this reoccurring theme of an unwholesome preoccupation with sexual dysfunction disjunction construction finding them in your households ferreting out the human interest story so that the experts can turn it into an atrocity tale how big how wide is it a growing problem can we find it in Paducah Kentucky altering the bizarre things with cotton candy and Carmel apples as the ducks eat the bread from off the bridge needing a diminutive with a lyrical lilt one of the most limpid and luminous liquid and delicate the welcome murmur of its source of heartrending fate knocking at your door very nasty with a look of the multilingual memory we are back again to your tower and the virus that you infected us with not wanting to join a cargo cult as gods sends presents from the sky I had to invent your America because it did not exist there was a cheap plastic version that everyone else was buying into yes they have become very good salesmen and saleswomen when I question their experience at running things they all give me a nasty look

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