Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jane is Gone

Jane is Gone

Wandering through the streets
Shouting, “leave us alone!”
There is a distortion in your mind
The fragments of meaning don’t become a cohesive whole
There is no totality in your life

You are always talking about the end of humanity
That we will soon live life in chains
You are forming your complicated layers
As you look back at the past
Have mercy on our souls

Walking through the abandoned lot
Picking up pieces of broken glass
Singing Helter Skelter in the bathtub
Throwing you books to read
On top of the roof
Whistling a three hour tour

The pounding get louder and louder
Inside my brain
You have grown used to the chains
Considering them an extension of your personality
It seems necessary to you
Getting together with those you hate
You never fuck the ones you love
That’s why I know you don’t love me

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