Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am the Spider

I am the Spider

Selling me your dreams out of a mason jar
100 years living this ragged life
Marching you down the hill
With jack and jill

I was the sky and you was the sun
That was not me building the monument of violence
Things are getting out of hand up on the hill
Throwing punches and spinning kicks
My hand grasping your gun

You keep telling me to stand still
But, I got wheels on my shoes
And a burning soul that won’t quit
Tell them to gather up their hopes
And thrown them in the pit
They mix so well with the charcoal

Ten days of sunshine and 12 minutes of quicksand
Those hobos are learning how to give
And they don’t care no more
About the beans and potatoes
Being passed between the hallelujahs

The judge, he can’t sleep
Because the robbers stole his bed
I saw the two of you
Dancing in the streets with thunder and lightning
It was a hard love
But, somebody’s got to give their all

I thought it would be you
But, then again, you fooled me
Just like the time you made the elephants disappear
Once again you are parting the waters
Multiplying the loaves and fishes
Bending my spoons
Tomorrow I will call the papers

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