Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transgression Movies

Transgression Movies

You wake up and find that you already have a communism

Picking the ripened fruit from the tree

You Keep telling yourself that you are not to blame

The bandages wrapped around your head

Trying to hide from yourself

Trying to hide from me

I always know where to find you

You scream when you see the face of the monster

Rocking the baby to sleep

That smile of inner peace

It has left you long ago

The fire burns so bright

Feeding everyone who comes to the table

Your family picture on the wall

I watched all of your transgression movies

Helped you sacrifice the virgin

While you call strangers on the phone

You are a copy machine operator

Shading your eyes from the sun

As you stand on a busy street corner

I think it might have been New York

The commerce is like weasels

Something inside of you snapped

You silly fool

Wanting to be on the right track

I told you to stay in my room

Amidst the screams of unknown tenants

And my paintings that only stare back at you

You are afraid that you really aren’t here

Confessing this to me at the dinner table

Up you go like a wild animal

Thrashing on and on

Swimming in an ocean of despair

If only you could have made better choices

Warmed yourself in the summer sun

You sleep as I play for you, your favorite song

Dragging me up to the roof to fall like an angel

With a rose stuck in my mouth

All your transgressions bind us together

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