Thursday, June 23, 2011

Counting on your love

I can count the times we fell in love on my fingers and toes
Spending too much time reading the paper
I saw my first mummy at your dinner table
Looking like what I felt like inside
It was an immediate identification

You transform human emotion
No big talent for you or I
Depriving me of my chance to entertain
In this shitty place
Selling my pencils on the street

I am fascinated by your physical presence
I worship you like a movie star
Running away from the evils of normalcy
Cooking up your special brew

All things under heaven
You never mail the form in
Yet you constantly clip the coupons from the paper
Place them in cardboard boxes
And label them greed

You remind me a ten year old with field glasses
Watching the murder and destruction from a distance
People are plotting against you
Making you even more exaggerated
A world without anxieties

You loved me in the trenches
As we stormed the beaches
Breathe in the poison gas
Out like a shell you fly through the air

The worst hells we have survived from
Your warrior fixation
I am your professional prize fighter
Full of rage and anger
I hope that you are not afraid of me

Riding the cyclone
Making friends in the graveyard
The dead will never abandon me
Unlike the whore in the red dress
Cruelty and kindness have their proper places
I can’t separate myself from your hell
There are values both above and below the belly
I calculate them all

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