Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the way to your front door

On the way to your front door

This aint no traditional love story

I’m talking to this rubber girl

Trying to erase her disco outlook

Putting a disease in my mashed potatoes

Celebrating the American way of life

I don’t want your love

I didn’t ask for this dedication

Can’t stop you from killing me

As you terrify the idiots

They drool over your double suspension

Pulling down the blinds with one swift movement

Your mind going in a loop, round and round

When you hide, I can’t find you

You burn like jet fuel

I am your George Jetson

Spinning around your cogs

Or is it sprockets?

I always get the two mixed up

Like when I go to your house and meet your father,

I can’t remember if he is Mr. Spacely or Mr Cogswell

I guess it doesn’t really matter

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