Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I was sent to kill the Genius

I was sent to kill the Genius

My appendages are humming,
Something from the Rolling Stones, most likely,
Since the operation it is hard to remember
But, the damn things do what they want
any requests?

The dead will need their legs,
The old wino told me
You know, the guy who predicted the end of the world
And Bought billions of dollars of billboard signs
Hey buddy, throw some of that money my way

As I climb up the ladder to attach your spine
It only takes a little barbed-wire and twine
Still humming tumbling dice
Now I remember
Some things still come to me
Take a chance with me

Building each and every one of your demons,
It’s complicated but I do have directions
I think they are in four different languages
It requires a lot of screwing and pounding

You are more than your tortoise shell collection
An angel who has fallen from heaven
I’m just giving you a voice
the rock and the hammer
Is that really a voice?

You fall apart in all the right places
Trading your golden halo for another crack-dream-nightmare
How dare you suffer differently than me
It doesn’t matter no more
I guess it never did

These are the days that we long to forget,
Like Broken glass rubbed across your back,
There you are in a little pile
An enemy to be feared
Attack the man says, attack
What did you expect?
Are you curious about when freedom died?

You want to know if I’m an assassin,
I’m just an errand boy
Sent by grocery clerks
Their souls are mad
You knew I wasn’t going anywhere
The strength to do your perfect will
It was then that I knew that you were more than I

We are asleep and dreaming
Victims to a war against our freedoms
So the rich can get richer
And the poor can get poorer
It is obscene
It is judgment that defeats us
Repeat and rinse

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