Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Kafka at fifteen of seem to resist a resolution the conclusion means nothing at all you don’t need to know who killed the vixen in her san Francisco starlet home you can dream while you are awake do you dream do you see visions are there colors in your world can you travel to other worlds what languages do you speak what sorts of technology do you have do you feel burdened by the requirements of your society is that possible in your world do you feel guilt or heart ache do you read books do you think about the future do you make plans do you make god laugh I rewrote his scenes because I knew it was him we go backwards in time and recreate the past to fit our view of reality not wanting a paradigm shift the contradictions have not reached their necessary end inducing a trance like state to go down deeper into the cosmological mind that evil dark underbelly of life that hides in the back of your mind that thing that connects you to the rest of us your true animal self the proletariat self working for the working class revolution the surplus labor marching in the streets screaming look at me I am a human being I have a right to exist observing the real people in life made up characters gathering some factors some from him and some from her serving as projections of your own mind the dreamer in the dream brought to a faraway place not seeing not since the blue moon of your seasons of the witch a part of me but not me a twin if you will an alternative form of self putting my feet in different shoes removing everything that is from the inside scrapping it out with a spoon and a knife for the tough parts to parts that get ripped out get bigger and bigger soon there is this huge mess on the floor I laid out newspapers but the mess has grown larger than I imagined it has become out of control I knew there would be a mess I just didn’t anticipate the extent that it would grow it became overwhelming and then I have to do something to correct the situation I have to bring balance back into the picture balance cannot be overrated we need it there in all things conscious of the structure always aware of the structure how it leans in on us and moves us in a direction we first had to resist that is power moving us when we don’t want to be moved it doesn’t matter our feelings or our desires power just moves power doesn’t care if you know it exists it just says fuck you move and you move without thinking  you could say no I’m not going to move but it won’t do you any good you will move you will bend over and say thank you sir may I have another the function of the medium is to make something happen making it happen can you make it happen you say you believe but you don’t believe in god or politics or the politicians but you do believe in utopia how is this different than religion you have replaced one religion with another you are still trying to reach a future state that doesn’t exist that never will exist you are still operating inside the box the box is your home and you don’t realize it little boxes that hold your head little boxes that hold your shit little boxes they are stacked one on top of another they go up beyond my ability to see they reach up into the heavens they are your tower of Babel each one a soul commitment each box represents a sin not against a non-existent god but against yourself each box represents a time you deceived yourself into thinking everything is ok are someday will be ok this shit never works out the way we

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