Monday, November 28, 2011

page 14

contraption wanting to believe in the real when you never were from the real world you are from the unreal world where right and wrong do not exist feeding your need contraptions machinations of the specific and it could be anything it makes you sing putting you at a loss we have chosen to ignore the rules to turn our backs upon the standards that have been established gone is the structure that you find comfortable gone are the rules that you have depended on learning  from the humanistic elements under the floorboards next to the dirt and the foundation the pipes and the wires you can’t make them be what you want them to be what is your definition of life asking for a personal opinion life is eating shits and breathing desire and addiction suddenly life makes sense to you even though you believe in his made up world where only he can be right and everyone else is wrong natural things by natural pathways constant self renewal of structure it is the structure that works against you that creates the rules you want to break catalysts produced by the system a chemical system capable of change and redemptive processes a population of molecules that is able to self replicate the selfish gene selfish numskull it’s not what you wanted you sprinkled dust around my bed and shook at me a black cat bone casting your spell the way you got me loving you girl I did everything I could to make this fire grow and grow I am piling up the bones watching it all burning down creating a big enough lie for everyone to believe in I am making you believe because you need something to believe in or else you will die so it is better to believe in a lie I became a lie so that you will live I made myself ugly so that you could be beautiful I gave away all my possessions so that you might be rich there is one love one life one blood that flows from my veins to yours what you want and what you need are two different things I give you what you need it is like nine thousand I almost forgot the lies the lies are so important I am stealing them from the book of lies from Lucifer and the physical magic taking the fish out of your pants taking you to the castle of your dreams the kingdom under the green my god stands on my computer and watches over me it has a world of other meanings she kept her head and kicked off her shoes blindly regurgitate the endorphins shouting down the singular fuck the greater good I want what’s best for me and have no interest for the public welfare Gie often wore something over his face especially when he was robbing gas stations he would use the money to buy drugs and would always put a ten spot in the church offering plate it was his way of atoning for his sins Gie felt guilty about his crimes but he justified them with the thought that he never really hurt anyone but himself I think Gie wanted to die and his drug use was a slow form of suicide his limbs are made glorious when he injects the drugs into them he has touched the words with life and death Gie is the pride of the ages a stony little pride waving a gun in the face of a sales clerk would they die for minimum wage would they die for corporate greed the bone farm courted the crops one by one made extensive notes detailed their likes and dislikes what was their favorite foods what books they had read if they liked to go to the movies Gie is driven with his note taking he thought he was Jesus and that the president was the antichrist he said the president was putting computer chips in little children to

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