Monday, November 28, 2011

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friend that tagged along one night to check out a party I remember that she seemed to have a tired soul like she had been living several hard lives all at once she was searching for the promised land under the world of stars and factory smoke towns the greater visions of jeweled nights living a haunted life and stealing the dreams from the country ghosts another strange red afternoon the son was bending spoons and doing card tricks a small crowd had gathered to watch the son had a girl who wanted a new life so she came along for part of the ride she had a real enthusiasm that you couldn’t buy in a store she was from the land of the free and used to sing in church on Sundays I told her that I was a derelict Sunday school teacher for her everything was sharp and clear she saw things that others could not see she could invade and occupy me taking away the damage her brother played football for Iowa state he would have gone pro except he blew out his knee in the last game of his senior year he walked now with a noticeable limp he worked for a soda distributor delivering soda pop to stores glowing like scorpions if he didn’t score we played basketball in his driveway the neighbor lady would come out and pull weeds from her flowers in the front of her yard she stood there with a noose around her neck waiting for me to kick the chair out from under her the old man was making tractors all day he didn’t know that she preferred to play games with me strip poker in the mornings and doctor in the afternoons I would tie her up and search her for hidden contraband she could feel it way down in her toes spasms of insight she could see that her life was a joke as it emptied out of her no control as she laid there paralyzed my cock inside her spurting in her face sometimes she doesn’t eat breakfast going into town looking for Christmas presents for her family she drink way too much of it she doesn’t have any other bad habits but me she puts me on like an old shirt she says that I am really comfortable sometimes I hurt her so it is good to have space an adventure in taco land chewing her taco down and dirty soft and delicate she is so swank researching her setting compiling a list of basics potsapocalytic novel helping her fully realize the ins and outs seeing how it is done it is important to her to know what has been done I examine her from all perspectives drink slay and love her socks are off with a big hoopla is this about a hatred of women getting in the way of Darwinian evolution confessing to a number of people expanding into a parasite and host always negative bring in the peripheral undifferentiated tissue in a helter skelter lifestyle disclosing the normative behavior something that you call normal being sophisticated in your speech serious about experimenting with the inheritance the male mythos being a farmer and a politician you don’t have to do what your parents did dropping out taking the position that is available to them thinking of the impact we are racing to become different in our similarity a parasite on the host feeding off society like the hammer through time affecting the future there is no shame in following the footsteps something that is not stationary enough playing the game of sin landing your arrow in the bulls eye a life of scattering seed the portion not following the canon demanding a pointed direction the desire to acquire lips eaten off by consumer culture making pouches for their rocks of cocaine playing their flutes and being strangled by

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