Monday, November 21, 2011

page 8

prefers the dill kind cooling the rumble the five sick cellmates that are praying for forgiveness a few drops fall into my lap her juices sizzle like ravaged thighs hideous steel need I climb up on top of her world planting my flag into her mountain top she belongs to my nation I am taking her to the jungle habits of her conditions she don’t change and I’m an untouchable vileness explosions of matter under s steady rain of sky standing in the corner weeping leaving her body behind earthbound gangsters the boy is singing on vinyl venal veneration toxicity phlegm reactions they are about the semblance of normalcy oh sweet deviance take these sins away and bring a sunshine that cannot be bartered for sweep the streets and pick up the elephant dung make the way for the king of light make his path free of flies and pestilence summarizing the effects which can be difficult dogma and stupidity are everywhere the sheep want to follow so they bleat and bellow for the wolf to come and take them away they want to be exploited taken advantage of they want to throw their freedoms in the fire they insult those who worked and struggled to create those freedoms fools all are fools who long to be lied to and assured that everything will be ok turn the television on it will be ok  drink another drink it will be ok snort some cocaine it will be ok play your video game it will be ok build your empire it will be ok I have exceeded my limits of polite speech I am a rouge and an outcast I refuse to eat the bullshit that is being fed to the world terrorizes terror fear apprehension surrender your rights give the big corporations the right to organize and catalog you like cattle  you are surplus labor you are meat someday the rich will be eating the poor manufacturing humans for the slaughter programming their minds to believe that their fate is inevitable this system of inequality is ordained by god your reward will be in the stomach of the rich fuck that stop being blind dumb animals wake up and ask questions will you offer your neck to the wolf forever is there a spine that holds you up on your feet or on your knees it is better to die trying will you die for us will die for the word for poetry working the dawn with a waitress from the greasy spoon her hair changed colors in different sunlight another cup of coffee counting the veins she has more than I do I am jealous a jealous lover between the sheets of passion there are no dictators a dead whisper in my ear her hot breath and then she was chewing on my earlobe crowing at the morning sun she was flapping her wings and dancing around the apartment she said it was the chicken dance in the gray strata of flesh we find peculiar things they seem to belong in a junk folder suck the sky suck the alarm clock suck the phone from my fingers sucking on my eyeball making me a dragon an emperor she give me a good high I am soft and then I am hard it is like mother nature I made everything sharp and clear reading a paper with my face my fingers are bleeding they have been worn raw by the jackhammer the noise in the streets calls out to me begging me for a dime or a nickel we are shooting are way to freedom it is our personal value that we hold and cherish freedom to be morons and fools hovering over the streets with jackets shirts and ties which one will win the race who will get the cookie dipping it in their milk these cookies are not for you kid they have a bitter taste and sting when you first swallow but the aftereffects are wonderful

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