Tuesday, November 29, 2011

page 26

of my ice there was a time I would have given my limbs for you anything for you anything to make you happy to see you smile if it took money then so be it I did not need money the money is from this world I am from another world one with death and slaughter we lived on the blood of our victims beginning to feel the heat from the lake of fire they built it out on interstate 35 next to the state university they would throw the dead cows in it to incinerate the evidence no wants to see mutilated cows something to do with genetic research there is only one race of aliens not five the monkeys have all grown brains that are too big for their environment so they invented things that are not real to occupy their minds first they invented god a great big god of the monkeys then they invented monsters lastly they invented aliens they capture the cattle and perform experiments on them if there really were aliens do you think they would be anthropomorphic let us be real for once as I rattled the ice in my glass a fucking blast this was a fucking blast the lake of fire was something to see families from the east would pack up the kids in the family car and take a trip to see the lake of fire I was a real family man myself and took the little lady and our pigtailed daughter to see the lake of fire several times it is so heartwarming to stand there and watch the lost souls burning every now and then I could make out one of the lost souls burning in the lake of fire feeding on the moist lips of the righteous defined by a relationship to cause and effect that they never had an understanding it doesn’t matter if you understand the terms of your contract the conditions of that contract are still in effect a deal is a deal and if you signed on the dotted line then everything is set and established and working in their proper functioning order first things first and last things last f things didn’t work like that then the whole world would stop turning and we would be swallowed up by the nothing into various states of disturbance some of you are known to be able to handle more of the chaos than others thus the need to establish a chaos threshold or more appropriately a chaos scale the systems of cause and effect are moving and operating regardless of your ability to comprehend them what is will be what is these worlds were written on the Roswell spaceship we traded them their technology for a case of mountain dew just like I said cause and effect I cannot be certain that my words are my own the curvature if the earth could be an illusion there could be much more spirals than we first imagined trying to shove each other down the hill into the street and the heavy traffic two words and so many pages the angels are upstairs playing poker and smoking cigars they are discussing the woe that is me dancing for the holiday in France we danced with the muted moon we never break the connection they are being out back together little by little with nuts and bolts a little glue here and there maybe some bailing string songs of the Congo I sit and stare at her for a while and then I will come up with a title a label to place her within the context of chaos all sorts of obscene images come to mind pushing me to another place a village festival the girls dance around the pole offering to the slippery all those breasts pointed to the sun listening to highway 61 I got a tombstone woman clinging for no special reason a thin transparent veil a barrier between us and the world a Jim Beam and diet seven up while I type up my notes from

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