Wednesday, November 23, 2011

page 10

good for the country 400 pages to make the point throwing names at us they appear and disappear everyone is insane a three dimensional character the young want to be entertained and not made to think she burned them in her backyard he made you feel what he felt the futility of war it is bad it is disgusting it does not make any sense you have to be insane to consider it a rational choice in life who says lets create a war only the insane supporting you moving to the kitchen rented cars Chicago freeways Minneapolis it is really cold burning your snowmen the world just feels different to us getting very abstract and magical who knows which ones we can talk about capturing the world another sensibility it feels lonely and you feel less lonely hard for your own sake it is in the history a continuing struggle to do that magical stuff our lives are represented about change it ignores the very precious what it feels like to live I once said it was lie but it wasn’t the machine still works outside it requires the use of many props the electric brain sucker from outer space wishing people a happy birthday things you didn’t know calamity permutations solving for suicide marching towards the enemy living under the white man’s candy ass the best test to machismo pandering to the extremists and resisting the fascism once it has been crumpled you cannot un-crumple showing me your secret message holding it upside down getting down and sad having ovulation lifting my spirits a total whore and a narcissistic douche bag the girl becomes of whore she doesn’t always enjoy all of the rapes trying to get to sleep speaking my soul back to me tonya found me in the gutter fucking amazing sex and gore and awesomeness she wears different little hats exiled to the fringe of society everybody stalks me on twitter its actually really sad civil liberties with the mail order bride liking to be depressed profoundly depressing an optical illusion a real good solid thing dumping the octopus from the bag everybody had job interviews they had been drinking jazzed up three notches sweats makes me insane with nightmarish days coming of age you are always coming of age you touch me so deeply a big sweet happy woman not very sweet she said it was very good according to her opinion to become a real ballerina stacking your bricks they go higher and higher an unbiased view chemtrails and we have the power being controlled by giving our power away challenge the system the fate of desert boots and a faded pink skirt and fat white legs the sick white soul a long sigh cat exists and is god covering her breast and swelling crotch Barney Rubble we will wait deliberate steps and lots of people dancing a hello is never just a hello she said good morning and rushed off to the bathroom with a screwdriver in her hand in the distance there were laughing jackals ten thousand hungry souls looking for you they want you to spout forth illusion and madness shock and desire a monkey lifts his head and pretends cognizance erotic thunder claps the dark and secret dream it is a monkey’s dream yes internal nakedness and vulnerability you build the skyscrapers wanting to find Gomorrah burning the flesh in the bronze bull boiling down your interactions infected by your lust as you buy more and more filling your house with substance plastic substance paper substance biodegradable substance yet the void is still there the emptiness is still there can you feel the hole

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