Monday, November 28, 2011

page 11

where your heart once dwelled drifting into the hopeless apostle reflections the analytic psycho with fingers and eyes watching you and touching you poking you with the stick of perdition screaming with alienation  shame on you unhappy about this back up camper last supper batons upon the skulls see them crack we carry their ashes in our backpacks taking them to the sea to swim with the fishes she’s getting a website working on Greek mythology the only ones she can think of writing up all the gods it is like magic before sunrise four feet fell off one particular thing taking the top off she had a chicken that had no bones short memory how have things turned out it makes it look even the surface is even glossy sometimes we want things to be different taking the sheets off the windows the sun rising a beer bottle and wire a sailor with his thumb up and a gratuitous smile paying for everything taking you out for lunch and I will pay he hugs the bear and the bear rips his limbs off losing your mind in the desert in a shed taking things for granted talking live with people making a connection being more honest in the venue step by step things get there I don’t know about the future I don’t know how to use the book an escaped parakeet many years ago Las Vegas show dancers drinking coffee they meet on Wednesdays tending their gardens and spraying curbs married three times he doesn’t do art any more a big battle with the county developing the property so much red tape in jail like Martha Stewart insider trading sleazy politicians listening without judgment a feeling on this research is needed both sides of the argument my healthy girl her fever broke it might work out negating existence two hours and ten minutes making a video and not knowing what to say my own vantage point inarticulate babble a brutal murder everyone is dead in the company of thieves in the air flying away into nothingness a ponderous tale a wandering abandon the earth to the first conspiracy from the olden days with henry reading a mystery book internal war teenaged renegades on crack the renegades of funk an iron council just because you are sad people love me stop being sad extinction ruining my parade the skin I live in most anticipated attempting to migrate out of the woodwork a rational foundation we make up reality no reasonable doubt a personal interest bullshit with attitude remaking self not being able to figure out what is right not helping the cause the word means the subject no sale you can’t think for yourself thousand year old dogma a god delusion mouthing those words every other reference on earth pine soil and original thoughts I can’t articulate anything some kind of bullshit explaining the authority to play the game to create the victim lets go on a joy ride and say tough shit not that kind of person on a grand mission forked tongue useless piece of turd testing for blood in the stool a conversation about liberty a molecule a stupid idiot choices bowing to the truth no rescue mission retarded redundancy a delusion in my mind no necessity only in my perception a perception of importance not in this reality my nonsensical perspective imposing injustice and a pile of shit what am I doing why am I hear I can’t even tell you why a feeling that it needs to take place a point where it doesn’t get undone unpleasant adventures fuck that asshole let the idiots go qualified to be god to play god wanting to risk your welfare the egg did it I don’t know how he

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