Monday, November 28, 2011

page 13

the earthy wife of an angel exploring the pathway of communication with the universe there are multiple roads that run from this world to the other is like a monstrous system of tentacles that run between both worlds fresh with modern paint as they are created and recreated anew making unknown laws that influence our puny spheres it reaches up to reality the image must have something in common with what it represents thus the magical correlation of cause and effect the two exist in relation to the other representing a possibility of existence and non-existence thus what we can think is what we can create in both worlds the world of reality and the alternative world the only laws we are bound by are cause and effect we move things and other things move use we are pool balls crashing into each other and bouncing against the cushions or conception of reality is the table that confines the chaos of our movement occasionally a ball leaves the structure of the pool table likewise we on rare occasions can escape the confines of our own box of reality when we speak when we think when we act we change reality we need to create new thoughts and new words and new actions that are beyond this world that are beyond this reality the untrained emotions to aspire to the divine lusting for a beauty that fades we must become young it takes a long time to become young we must work at it and become a child they are wearing the earth the earth if their masks it is the material that they build their lives up from we have come from the earth and our beauty are from the things of the earth at your deathbed coming to life with changing yellow can with a mountain of beer cans without a strong back you still would come down and hook up the vibrator plugging the cord into the wall outlet being more than an alcoholic we watch as the smoke flickers away pretending to be a puppet of life living in the dark with the wishes of internet lesbians reaching through you for all the impossible dreams dragging you up the stairs anointing you with the burnt pages of sexus impossible communication perpetuating narcissism all there is you and this other thing hover over your head living in a narrow world the you in the words that I speak that I write down both here and not here at once the same a forma torture not being able to remember choosing the numbness of your own lips preferring a numbness instead of the pain of life altered perceptions the relationship that you believe that you have you cannot be all these things all you want is more to finally take all you can to find the end using me for your false relationship I am invisible I do not exist I try to be visible but you cannot see me you won’t see me disengage me stop looking inside of me from something that doesn’t exist seek me no more it never has to be about one single thing not just one kind of darkness you gather up all the dark pieces thinking you can put them together to create a whole thing a functioning thing but broken things to not make the whole you cannot find health in your brokenness in your delusions in your romantic beliefs of right and wrong you want to express all of the layers not able to consider the other worlds attaching things to me and believing in me creating a false rationalization attaching your feeling to me and making me suffering as the result you can use me but there will be consequences the faceless has a face the voiceless has a voice lifting you up through the complications of a mechanical

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