Monday, November 28, 2011

page 20

soapy towels you were reading the footnotes and looking up the words you did not recognize I opened up the vulture’s mouth and looked for the treaty he had swallowed it nearly thirty minutes before I told Toby to get a knife and we would cut this vulture open we needed the map to the treasure she only wanted to dance as my face turned purple and I burned down the republic this is which I stand divided into distance and longing crawling into peeled noon drifting shooting the pills using a cigarette filter to strain out the impurities harpo was honking his horn greeting the garbage man with his wicked smile the American fossils were dug up from the ground terminal flesh the spiritual spine feeding on vegetable decay under amber flash mine eyes have seen the glory of the lord ruptured spines a sad little parrot sings for Maria the last fuck for Maria she used to be a nun now she sells portraits on the street grinning at the customers with a tooth missing she looks right through you scar tissue and shuttered room her statues of Jesus she drops her pants rubbing each other warring powers she took me down to her cellar I had a hard on that could last all night long my cock was spurting mother earth she is buying me lock stock and barrel the end of my cock glistening she wakes naked down on her stomach her vagina is open and welcoming warm muscle in white flames and cool mouth she is praying for the hangman she stretches her leg and my cock slips out she grabs hold with both hands working it up and down a cruel idiot smile Maria lay there gasping I tied her hands behind her back I pulled her body up onto my cock Maria gasped and moved with it her flesh like a hot wire sleeping under the ceiling fan the wind blows on her flesh lost in the delight and dead sea scrolls shooting up like tiny rockets I am slipping down her legs her hands on my crotch I am one giant spasm shooting white hot love deep inside her body I am whispering instructions to her skin I take her identity I take her body Maria is prancing in night vision goggles and a northern lights clitoris Cassini craters dance club drinks and dance club speak grabbing her snatch the dead are walking seeping through the walls kicking and yelping as her neck snaps it is three dimensional cutting or bodies down the middle a house built on stilts over a pond Maria began to twitch and mutter and fell on the floor in a trance her thoughts being forced into the mold she looked at me with empty eyes her mouth was moving but making no sound as I tore at her with white hot claws she was torn body and soul ambiguous objects her flesh lights up with a yellow flame turning the hydraulics her ideal of spit and polish pleasure centers Maria’s lips follow I rubbed her lungs and tasted her soft inner lips the universe shakes with lust waking up in someone else’s flesh raining on the metallic roof breathe in deep Maria our bodies twisting my cock throbbing against her spine thighs vibrated Maria knees down I fuck Maria vibrate blue frame she unbuttoned her shirt pulled down her pants and slipped out of her shorts my cock is half hard and she spread her vagina and I slid my cock in we were locked together taking each other’s breaths catatonic figures my pants are down my cock is hard she is dancing on my erection bend over Maria as I take you slow and fast a halo around my penis she is open out on all sides I can see all of her processes she is licking my testicles Maria’s body cannot deceive me bodies merging in orgasm and mutual

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