Tuesday, November 22, 2011

page 9

god she sits on a golden throne with all twelve of her titties hanging out she gives milk for the whole creation it cooks up brown and clear the sick man flutes Lee pulls out a quarter pound bag of black beauties and we chop some of them up on the mirror snorting lines of speed in between bong hits of some Mexican green it was cheap and got you high as a kite I am sitting on the couch watching the tv with the sound off carlos Santana is playing on the stereo big fucking speakers blaring out his melodic guitar lines and the rhythmic love of the percussion I am sitting there trying to find myself sitting down on zero living under the weight under the sun lifting us beyond ourselves beyond the limits of reason modified by the witch she works at the burger joint giving it away she doesn’t work for fungi she is bronze and reads the racing tip sheets to the blind they tell her which dog to bet on war is an expression of human desire writing for you like a major bizarre device neo baroque post human post modern alien autopsy dream sweet child coming up with the brain child we must someone who is worthy a blow hole sycophant we will call him david the bell weather the bell fits nicely around his neck he is a disguise so that we can sneak up on the sheep david rides a harley and manages a bar he gives us free drinks while who discuss the virtues of a college education virtue is a weapon of subjugation we are smoking his righteous indignation he believes that a diploma is more than something to smoke I examine the human flesh under his fingernails sorting out the names he couldn’t keep them straight who was who and when was when it was a mixed up mess inside his head I had collected enough evidence to put him away for good the sex chicks hitting us against the wall they dropped to their knees and extracted their tax free dues from us we took it like good little soldiers a tan suit with dark glasses we hung the prisoners just for the sake of principal it was war and war is hell sometimes you have to stir up the diabolical to bring freedom to the sheep they get it whether they want it or not david doesn’t want freedom he only wants to pretend that he is a vampire and dances in front of the camera growling and showing his teeth someday david will become a professor of history and he will teach children the lie feeling right down to our toes Spaniards in armor like Hemingway in a cafĂ© drinking absinthe and commenting on the fish that lives in the water he is vehement about the ones that got away he is pushed up from the rush hour technique through lips and tongue shooting his load and smelling the dried blood on his chin he took one for humanity up there on the cross on rooster hill so the crows have a savior she needs $3,00 to $5,00 a month looking for a sugar daddy we know she killed her kid it is only a matter of time before then plastic surgery falls of and we see that she is actually a man hiding in a female’s body aching like a wet dream trading places with a magic man he comes down from the sky and takes them away when they come back they are never the same they have this strange magnetic pull throwing off spurts of blood with a swollen tongue in the beginning there was Tebow and Tebow saw that it was good and he threw a cowpie into the sky and said hallelujah she confuses make believe with reality America is contradictory everything running as normal in unnormal times thinking quality to be an objective reality profit is

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