Friday, November 18, 2011

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a problem I always clung to the diversity my political creed as changed like the little green creature selling you insurance and making me hunger for frog legs I do have an ear for music and can carry a bucket of water to the house fire Joe Buck is washing dishes and giving always a twenty dollar bill to every religious fanatic it is George and Lenny all over again the dream is just within their grasp as the rat dies in the seat beside you next time be more careful who you sit down next to on the bus presented with the dearth of vagueness it is your vulgarity that we will remember how you wrapped the pedophile so lovingly in the Christmas wrapping as we waited to drag your present out into to the street and beat him like a piƱata I am still waiting for the candy to fall out but it never does I heard her say I know seven times the song of Norway to leave you standing for a long time as the devil schemes to make you a deal the general idea of exile culture now it is all about the confessional and transgressive fiction the transvestites attempts to escape bland consumer culture as she he makes a sculptural representation of her his god cursing his neighbors trying to escape the emotional limitations Bob has a penis but wishes it was a vagina why is god so cruel to the little ones filled with pitfalls it was the rareness of the capture plunging into the sympathetic abyss the pets of the common room commonplace torrents and old lady is coughing her lungs out she probably has some diabolical disease the secretaries speculate on the method of her contraction I had to keep getting up to look at the map we could hardly see the ball anymore it was icy as hell and I damn near fell on my ass life is a game it is up to you to decide whether you play by the rules of course if you do then you are only being a sucker a fool a moron a dope the rules are rigged to favor those who have history of winning I would suggest that you break the rules knowing the secret ingredients for wrapping up dead people thinking about central park where they bury all the dead people the dead people you don’t see the secret dead that they don’t want you to know about they are buried there in central park great big hills of them I wish someone would dig them all up and make people to ask who they were how did they live did they live like you and I I think those questions are important and need to be answered the dead would like to see them answered even though the politicians wouldn’t like it they would have to stand up for their crimes just like everyone else we are all criminals only some of us get to serve time for our crimes the really big crooks get away with it we make the biggest crooks president I bet you would like to be president you look like you have real potential you look like you could be a swell guy someday a real big shot how you got to where you are now is a long story it has lots of twists and turn I bet if we peeked inside your closet we would finds lots of skeletons in there you probably had to kill a lot of people to get where you are now most people wouldn’t understand all this stuff it’s not up their alley so to speak but you understand don’t you everything is real clear to you I bet you can be ass charming as hell you probably shake everybody’s hands and laugh at all of their stupid jokes it takes things a while to hit you don’t they that’s ok a lot of real famous people were slow to catch on but I bet you will do alright for yourself you look like you

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