Tuesday, January 24, 2012

page 100

something else it was like we were both trapped in a room the same hotel room and he wanted out of the room more than I did a lot more than I did I have always been comfortable where ever I am but apparently the angry dog is not he is uncomfortable it is like he has an itch inside of him that he can't scratch have you ever been that way can relate to the angry dog's situation I bet you can I guess it's a 50 50 bet some will say yes and some will say no I really don't know the odds but what the fuck the angry dog had some reason to be angry and who am I to judge the validity of his claims he had a reason and that reason was good enough for him so it was good enough for me the incapacity of our minds that is our dilemma we can only grasp so much at a time we have traveled between the spaces between worlds and times the answers to our questions are never perfectly clear there is always some form of ambiguity some factor of the unknown that is still left over sitting in the refrigerator getting moldy harpo pulls the container of moldy unanswered questions from the fridge and pinches a small portion off and puts in the bong he lights it up and smokes the moldy unanswered questions harpo says the moldier the better an attempt to align our language with the world an accidental pattern to the world piecing the world back together there are stops and breaks there is no noticeable logical order everything is haphazard fleeting slippery changeable you create these things that crumble in your hands they fall apart under pressure merely knowing the pattern does us no good we are still lost still confused still searching in the dark for the answers life makes no sense we are opposed to your logical assumptions people do not fit in the world everything is askew the truth should be avoided because the truth is a lie and ideology made to put your mind to sleep wake up and stop sleeping think for yourself venture out into the deserts of the world go to that space that is outside the view of the normal be strange and odd break the rules step of the boundary cut down the fences break down the walls I am thinking of pink floyd’s the wall at this moment “tear down the wall!” harpo said that he knew in the end that we would be left with nothing the system is vulnerable it is built upon a foundation of sand a foundation of illusion the only thing that props it up are lies and more lies the rulers mock us they mock our need for order and structure thus they use order and structure to enslave us to trap us to make us their pawns in a corporate chess game do you feel like you don’t have a grip on your life there is a reason why you feel this way it is not because of some inadequacy with you or some weakness in you it is because the system make your gasp tenuous and weak they want you to be unsure of yourself to be confused to be troubled they want you to focus more time on your problems than the problems of the world each clue he gathers leads to a dead end and no resolution harpo cuts the girl open and pulls out the eyes of society millions and millions of eyes they pour out of her in buckets 30 or 40 buckets full everything has no meaning the eyes blink and stare are her they are blinking Morse code they want her to put them back inside of her so they can judge and torment her accuse her of all sorts of unspeakable things she smiles showing her teeth the crazy lady smiles and we all love her she wants her life to have texture she is building a monument of steel barrels to the

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