Friday, January 27, 2012

page 109

soldiers again how he has a death squad to kill any of his enemies his soldiers ignore that their commander is insane they ignore that fact that he buys their weapons at a secondhand store that he is always putting them in a compromising situation some guy in the backseat with a buck knife he is playing with his knife while his brother is searching henry’s bedroom for something that was stolen during a party the brother came back satisfied that henry didn’t steal it but I that he did in fact steal it because it was hidden in my sock drawer henry is talking about our freedoms how we all have freedom of choice the freedom to be burdened by obligations and to believe in the electoral college believing in sugar plum fairies henry says that he never forgets that he remembers everything the good times and the bad he wants to occupy main street but the problem is he lost his map and can’t find his way there he is challenged by the altitude there is a girl in a lawn chair and she is wearing dark shades to cover her eyes she walks like a dead man we are both looking for my cat daisy who has run away she said that she saw daisy just the other day that the cat comes through her yard almost every day I am spinning in circles watching the sun go down and drinking a glass of lemonade if this were a dream than shouldn’t I know wouldn’t there be a tell tale sign the little high school girl asks me to sign her yearbook she says that I am her favorite teacher I asked her what she learned and she says how to self exclude a 21 gun salute I keep her fingernail clippings in an envelope and some snippets of hair stolen from her hairbrush hash oil love and voodoo free enterprise the electrodes hooked up to her loss and pain a little blood she wanted to be another heartbeat she wanted awareness a waitress living in a the junkyard with junky dreams and a wrench set to hold off the self contempt worshiping the gradual haze as the pollution hides the sun she has a certificate to show you she has a dirty mind her mother had her tested there are stitches up her spine she likes to eat quick standing at the counter and out the door no thank you no fuck off and die she is just gone you have to tie her down to keep her in one place she likes to come around one in the morning something to do with the reign of Saturn the little school girls is a Capricorn it has been a very long trip sometimes we think we are the only riders that we are moving forward all alone she knows so well the sound of my voice in this world and the next she hears me when I’m hiding in the neighbor’s yard she says murder is always in my eyes murder on a railroad track I told her she wouldn’t stand a chance with me I had all the time in the world it was like a hard dream when time stands still and I am bringing down the mountains in someone else’s hand her torn body in my arms she is learning how to decay I’m not sure how to grade her I am looking at her god film frame by frame looking for the subliminal messages liberating a river town idiot smile alien virus and eating all the cornflakes miss palm is bathing in the next room in coca cola I can’t sleep I am on a ledge so early in the morning I haven’t been to the coffee shop all week and miss palm is young she is talking about the tomatoes in her garden the best revenge I am helping her can her tomatoes I am using her ego to stir the soup sucker punched she gave me her phone number I called and left a message pilfering her banking account it will give me pause

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