Monday, January 9, 2012

page 47

jerk her and her avid flock around Mr. Perry and Jane ran right out and bought a double headed dildo so that they could worship tim together in a most proper and religious way the barmaid is burying the dead in the basement of the bar her followers are dropping like flies AC has mixed up a most potent batch of wanda and he has everyone hooked and some people misjudge how much they are taking and overdose the barmaid hasn’t figured it out yet she thinks that they might be dying because of her lack of faith in tim instead they are dying because AC is trying to get even with his twin brother AC swoops down from the top of the bar where he waits for a victim like a vulture waits for the lost and thirsty to drop dead Lee has been selling wanda for AC all over the town Lee cuts the stuff in half and people are still jumping out of windows because it is such a quality product Lee would cut the product in half again except he was given strict instruction from AC not to step on it again and Lee knows better than to piss AC off Lee hangs around the church of truth and sells wanda to all of the church goers he tells them it will help them worship tim when they are masturbating with their dildos it is another demon inspired marketing campaign just like all the rest Lee used to work for a marketing firm before he discovered that selling drugs was more financially stable Ac just sits back and watches the waves of souls come flooding in AC is confident that this new move on his part is a great success a great counter measure against his brother’s raising the dead stunt feeling like the failure not the phase deconstructed ego wanting love and affection your space alone not thinking it was possible taking steps for the future made of stitches we could not find mystical visions on a stretch of empty staircase drinking in your laughter the rock and the hammer these were the days of lowered expectations the barmaid was mumbling again in some demonic language that nobody could understand she is telling them to set themselves on fire a couple of them do and the bar almost burns to the ground the stench of wasted flesh is everywhere the disciples of tim are confused as usual and truck is having more fun than a demon should be allowed sometimes we find ourselves confronted by sheer naked courage to be more than we ever first imagined our lips saying those magical words all the crazy things we watch as bertha gives us her shadows she used to be alone but know she shares everything with us sending us greetings from the dark side bertha is no mild mannered freak she is a vicious god with large teeth and she has outlived all the other dogs who came before her no shaggy ears to scratch I feed bertha a cold meat sandwich and she smiles like an albatross her glossy tits sliding around my cock  I am international when I am not distracted sticky bodies with bullet hole intentions bertha has needy eyes bertha is attending to her voices a grim compromise hovering over her she is pleading for rescue from the strangers in the street she is poured out as drivel another expressive mythology that we teach the children how bertha overcame her static beauty thinking death won’t notice her she leaves a pain in my mind a mind numbing pain that keeps on pounding those old thoughts of woman how things used to be with bertha before she learned to turn the sunshine into flowers now she sits in a warm memory with her poppies becoming a mindless zombie

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