Friday, January 20, 2012

page 81

that she was standing in the gutter her rosy face rumpled in a rain coat she was scanning the horizon for the new born king she looked like she was running away from Siberia the saturated with material the stars the planets and their individual rotations the beating of her heart under her sweater I wanted to rant and to rave to scream and holler pulling my hair out perhaps more complicated and orchestrated I saw her reading the menu her best side was facing me she had on big leather boots and a driver’s cap I was instantly in love I gave her the jist of my premonitions how our arms would soon be entwined that she would be kissing me with a passion she previously had never known from her back pocket she produced a long list it contained the names of poets current and past she started to look for my name and she said she couldn’t find me on her list therefore she was not interested I told her that I was neither naughty nor nice and that I would never approve of my name being  on such a list I told her that she could fight fate all she wanted but someday she would have to give in to the forces of love I knew right then that I would have to beat it out of her she was a heartbreaker who was used to getting things her way she left her daddy a long time ago for the three ringed circus and she had no intentions of ever going home I told her it was ok to breathe it was ok to live it was ok to be happy that the past couldn’t hurt her anymore what she need to be afraid of was the present I showed her the numbers that were tattooed on my soul and shared with her how I hide them from the bone crushers I have been here before many lifetimes before and a love is always a love each time you would fight me and say that you belonged to another man but each time you gave in to me and the souls of burden and uncomfortable laughter eventually you would melt in my arms and I would suffocate you with my kisses these dead will always request their due and you and I will rob them of their inheritance together we rode the wildness of the world and we drank of the spring of nirvana it was your honesty that I always loved about you a brutal honesty that could cut straight to the bone a healing light from the darkness pulsating muscle these words express the truth of the heart an image of the tantamount and understanding that the plastic is only the plastic congealed blood and the prayers of unholy saints their fingers are stained with your blood and the hopelessness of your desires I left her for someone who did not have a list but I still have some of her demons I told her that the photo of her with a gun was so William Burroughs of her when I opened her up I found bells inside of her head just like rene Magritte the sack cloths over our heads her skin knows how to obey my commands I have learned how to project my voice along with my prejudice sleep is so hard to find when we are traveling on the road I’m traveling to Des moines with harpo my drums are in the back of his old beat up pickup we are going to set them up at his sisters house and jam he has a singer and a bass player he wants me to meet the singer is excited about Metallica he is jumping up and down on the couch and the chairs he drives us across town to some party at a girl’s house we bought a case of Dubuque star beer on his way there he cuts through parks and people’s yards in one yard he runs over a little tree in the some people’s yard an old man comes out screaming and shouting at us he throws

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