Wednesday, January 18, 2012

page 73

should pick someone to run from our membership only this time make sure they are psychologically sound and not going to kill themselves over being jilted by a homosexual messiah this time let’s not pick a Texan those Texans are almost as bad as Californians we will have to meet with Mr. Nervous and see what he thinks about this situation there is always some situation going on we need to keep this place the land of the free and stop giving everything away we are waiting on the man be sure to put a napkin under your cup that is the sign of distinction we need to show that we are set apart from the others that we are special you know we have special training in fencing and yachting in dressing for dinner and tennis knowing what to wear at the appropriate times is so very important to some extent it doesn’t matter what are the thoughts inside the person it matter more the clothes that are on the person the thoughts we can program Dr. Loophole can reprogram anyone’s mind he is a mind control expert as long as the person knows how to dress we can put the proper thoughts into their head and put the words into their mouths that one fellow from Texas was such a good subject he was such a good puppet Dr. Loophole would make that fellow jump when we wanted him to jump and sit down on the floor and bark like a dog that Texas fellow was such a good little puppet for the corporate interests I think it was Mr. Nervous who came up with the idea of putting some fool in office so that we could control the government and the idea of creating a war to make everyone rich was pure genius that Mr. Nervous is a fucking genius no one suspected that we were running the show everyone believes in that democracy bullshit people are so fucking pathetic we had the people hooked and sick they were puking up all over themselves with patriotic fervor no one was willing to question us because then we would have the papers call them un-American if you didn’t support our little war then you didn’t love America what is wrong with you stupid little fuck why don’t you love America everybody loves America you just keep loving America while we rape the country shit the robber barons can’t touch us we are robbing everybody we are robbing the whole fucking world we are manipulating the economy so that we can buy everything up soon we will own everything we changed the game we control everything now blow up a couple of buildings and blame it on some country that taps into the latent racial hatred of three-fourths of the people in the country and we had a green light to go do anything we wanted so we went and destroyed a country and blew everything up and then put it all back together again just like new and we just created a little corporate welfare trick where we transfers money from the average joe to the bank accounts of our companies it was pure fucking brilliance who is going to suggest that starting a war is corporate welfare I mean really we got to protect the soccer moms from the crazy terrorists those foreign terrorists are out to get those sweet and innocent soccer moms damn it just brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it we were just defending motherhood and the apple pie thinking of pie makes me hungry lets go over to the cafeteria and get a piece of pie tonya is in the cafeteria and is eating a foot long hotdog and winking at the busboy as he clears the tables of dirty dishes she is asking

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