Friday, January 6, 2012

page 44

the next Jane is pretending that she has no goals and Toby likes his emotions raw and with syrup Toby is a king with a whistle in his pocket blow your whistle Toby there is a blind allegiance that steals from your soul anointed by the fires of hell and infiltrating the fbi spying on the spies dropping lines to the papers these gypsies are stationary and the burn the wires of copper wires telepathic angels above our heads they have machineguns and bullet proof vests investing in corporate America it is the American dream a big screen television and a monster truck driving the kids to the Saturday afternoon soccer games no more handmade looks only stones that sparkle to the republic Toby said he saw Willie fight a bear in Montana he was part of a traveling circus act I asked Toby is willie was fighting tritan also Tristan and the bear always travel together Toby said that humbert was there with lola in the white socks he was fondling her pigtails and the mothers were getting all upset the mothers are always telling what to do and distinguishing right from wrong when I berried betty boop in Calcutta the mothers were there whispering in my ear they were trying to make me feel guilty the mothers are financially supported by Mr. Nervous he wants to share his guilt with others he wants to put it up on billboards for others to read he believes that the world is going to end he is betting on it Mr. Perry has been watching humbert and taking notes on how to seduce people Mr. perry wants to seduce tim he wants tim to be his boy toy but tim is a good Christian in fact tim is the first Christian he is the one that everyone else follows henry claims that he knows tim very well but tim says he doesn’t know him Toby is jumping up and down on the garbage clowns he is upset about their hourly rate Toby prefers to have his clowns on a retainer Toby is not interested in joining tim’s religious movement he has heard about the injustice of kinbote and wants no part of it jane is pegging Mr. Perry to get him ready for his anal rape from tim that is what a religious experience means tim sticking his god shaft up some poor believer’s a-hole that is more religion than I bargained for I’m not interested in singing happy songs ones with a criminal check in it the king with a whistle in his pocket is drinking beers with kinbote at a main street bar they are watching the mothers harass maria on television the mothers want to know her involvement with the international paranoia trade toby throws his pet pig a scrap of Canadian bacon pizza toby keeps his pig on a leash  he believes that all pigs should be on a leash he is trying to convince tim to put this in this Sunday’s sermon when kinbote and the whistle boy get together they mostly talk about politics kinbote tries to talk about religion every now and then but toby stops tim short they mostly talk about how to get kinbote’s boyfriend elected president he mentions that jane has been teaching kinbote’s boyfriend how to fight toby says that will come in handy once the caucuses start no one will be pulling their punches by then and knibote’s boyfriend better know how to throw a punch by then the farmers will be ready for a good fight and he had better deliver tim’s last boyfriend was knocked out in the first round toby blows his whistle and the pig does a flip in the air everyone in the bar claps their hands and cheers when the pig isn’t sleeping he is chewing on a grave digger’s leg the grave digger just got over a fight with his woman she threw him out because he had no shoes

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