Monday, January 30, 2012

page 115

watch a musical as they faded away then a crowd of bystanders would clap as they passed the threshold they get dismantled and thrown away they burn the body parts in a oven out back it smells god awful when they have that sucker going full blast it reminds me of that time when Frankie burned up that cat I dragged miss palm by her ankles and tacked her up in the whore house making her a semihuman sexobject randomizing her lady parts I am selling the boys tickets for a go at her she was born straight out of my head and into my loins she has been banned as obscene in 13 countries I can’t dial her up on pay-per-view a prophet of sexual freedom she is supporting my writing habit by selling her body we have to put oil into the glass pipe and martin needs new shoes and musical notes to pin on my lapels the courage to say fucking everything as I remake myself in a demonic image I caught her dialing the exorcist and I told her to stop I am a philistine make no mistake I not riding into the sunset on a white horse there will be no need to write my biography when I’m living it on the page she said that we had met before I told her that I would have remembered meeting a girl like her I dialed her number and we talked all night long she looked like the devil in the morning I told her it was a pleasure talking to her she wanted a drink something special we were talking about people who were dead she called me honey she always called me honey she told me about her job pulling feathers off of chickens the phone was red in a red room there was no one inside it was empty she is wiping the magic off she is shouting for the guards to open her cell door and let her out I am outside in the lightning next to the highway they all like sausage on their pizza she says that I don't look like myself today raw spooky shit I did a great job a real professional job giving her the once over a magic moments are brought to you by Dr. Loophole and his pharmaceuticals she said yes and thank you she put a spell on me with her hips her breasts and her lips she is lost to the world around her calling people new names that she has invented for them she tends to unravel when I probe her for deeper meanings deeper into her foundations those secret places inside her heart the secrets that never see the light of day so only takes them out and plays with them in the middle of the night she conceals the conflicts within her she is undecidable a contested terrain what she says on the surface cannot be understood without understanding those things that she hides away in her heart a misrepresentation of reality there are only competing versions of reality unavoidable gaps in meaning that the readers fill with their own interpretations it is within her nature to produce meaning she strips it from our meanings removing our natures she propels us exclusively into the future she believes that we are destined to be locked up in the prison house of love she wants to save me she ways that her world is falling apart I tell her that it is not her job to save me she has to save herself she is calling our attention I don’t know anyone called Bethany sending her in the mail piece by piece  no eyeballs no hair no teeth traveling people a little tiny slave a normal day with my slave I wake up in the morning and take my slave to the shower my slave scrubs my back the special one goes to my paradise the safety of her boobs making the tiny people worship me crushing them under my feet I didn’t see them on

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